Boris Johnson, a Man in a Hurry

Boris Johnson, a Man in a Hurry

FLASH: Boris Johnson, a Man in a Hurry to Make Britain Great Again, MBGA

With Britain’s departure from the EU due in less than 100 days, new Prime Minister Boris Johnson is a man in a hurry. But he is not rushing off to Brussels.

The UK leader has no meetings scheduled with EU officials.

Instead, he was in central England Friday, talking about his promise to recruit 20,000 more police officers. In the coming days he will speak on other aspects of a packed domestic agenda that looks like an election platform.

Britain’s next scheduled election is 3 years away, but signs suggest PM Johnson is preparing for a snap poll within weeks or months to break the BREXIT impasse that defeated his predecessor, Theresa May. She resigned after failing 3X, to get Parliament’s backing for her divorce deal with the EU.

Mr. Johnson won a contest to replace her as Conservative leader and Prime Minister by promising that the UK will leave the 28-nation bloc on the scheduled date of 31 October, with or without a divorce deal.

But a senior researcher at the Institute for Government, an independent think-tank, said Johnson “has exactly the same parliamentary arithmetic to deal with as May” no overall House of Commons majority and a set of lawmakers who so far have rejected all attempts to leave the EU either with or without a divorce deal.

He is clearly positioning himself as the person to get BREXIT done, and the way to change the parliamentary arithmetic is to have an election.”

Mr. Johnson says an election is not his priority, which is a long way from ruling it out. Stay tuned…

Make Britain Great Again!

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