Boost Your Mental Energy, Read About New Things

Boost Your Mental Energy, Read About New Things

Reading is an effective way to strengthen our higher-order thinking skills.

Research has shown that reading a novel can enhance the brain’s neuron connections and improve the overall function of the brain.

It was also revealed that reading strengthens the ability to empathize, and stimulates the imagination in a way that the reader was actually watching a movie.

It is especially important to read about topics or genres that you have never really exposed yourself to before. This will help diversify creative thinking abilities and it will also increase the neuronal connections in your brain due to brain plasticity and cognition.

This is what I read (studied) recently in order to get a ‘handle’ on the chaos that is gripping our Western culture: The Law of Nations of The Principles of the Law of Nature as Applied to the Conduct and Affairs of Nations and Sovereigns by De Vattel Here it is download it if you are interested in developing a deeper understanding of our world today.

What you can do is read new books and journals. So, find a list of the Top 100 books out now, and pick a few. Go to your local library and check out your next good read/s.

The Big Q: Have you always wanted to learn more about astronomy or the parts of the brain? Have at it!

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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Paul Ebeling

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