Blair Cottrell and the Hypocrisy of Australian Media

Blair Cottrell and the Hypocrisy of Australian Media

Blair Cottrell and the Hypocrisy of Australian Media

Attacks on Australia Day, Anzac Day and Australian Culture are all fine in the ultra-left wing Australian media, but mention immigration, “African Gangs” or question the activities of some Mosques and the world ends.

Whilst I do not agree with the idea of banning Islam in Australia, there has to be an end to all the bleeding heart special treatment and political correctness, after all it is Australia. Immigrants should be required to assimilate in to Australian life, not the other way around.

Free speech in Australia seems to be dead, Yassmin Abdel-Magied the Cane Toad of Australian Politics attacks those who fought and died to defend the country, Publicly funded media outlets have Australia Day, Anzac Day and Australian Culture in their cross-hairs, how is that not hate speech.

How could you possibly explain to any descent Australian Yassmin Abdel-Magied’s Anzac Day post “Lest. We. Forget (Manus, Nauru, Syria, Palestine …)”, why have media outlets not banned this vile reptile already. This year she followed that up by endorsing a former GetUp! director’s call on Twitter for thousands of people to tweet “Lest we forget (Manus)” on Anzac Day.

If Blair Cottrell is banned by media outlets many others should be included, but instead they are handed awards, Human rights group Liberty Victoria announced that Ms Abdel-Magied was awarded the 2018 Young Voltaire Award for being a “role model” to young women, Muslims and migrants.

Burying the words of Blair Cottrell will bring people to his cause, it will force the debate out of the public forum and there will be converts to his message instead of having the debate in the open and exposing that banning Islam is not the answer, being Australian is.

The selective promotion of Anti-Australian ideas and the repression of the counter argument will lead to serious racial and religious issues in Australia. We will not let the left wing cultural marxists take over the nation, there will be resistance, and without open debate that resistance will end up in the hands of people like Blair Cottrell.

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