BlackBerry’s (NASDAQ:BBRY) Newest Device is Not A Smartphone

BlackBerry’s (NASDAQ:BBRY) Newest Device is Not A Smartphone

BlackBerry’s (NASDAQ:BBRY) Newest Device is Not A Smartphone


BlackBerry Ltd. (NASDAQ:BBRY) found a customer for its fleet-tracking device called “BlackBerry Radar”, taking a 1st step into the market for monitoring cargo trucks and trains.

The Waterloo, Ontario, Canada-based company will install 500 units of the BlackBerry Radar on trailers owned by Oakville, Ontario-based trucker Caravan Group.

The BlackBerry Radar is a box that fits on the back of a tractor-trailer container and updates its owner on the trailer’s temperature, location and whether the door is open or closed.

A spokeswoman for the company would not say what the deal was worth.

The BalckBerry Radar is part of CEO John Chen’s campaign to find ways to take the company’s existing patents and expertise and apply them to new industries.

Still, the sector has some well-established companies like Orbcomm Inc. and Fleetmatics Group Plc. plus the newer and more comprehensive, realtime, efficient data, logistics and supply chain and driver network manager LaneAxis

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Telecom giant Verizon Communications Inc.(NYSE:VZ) agreed to buy Fleetmatics last month for $2.4-B

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NASDAQ:BBRY 7.97 23 September 2016 0.08 7.86 8.02 7.86 1,096,420
HeffX-LTN Analysis for BBRY: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.37) Bullish (0.43) Neutral (0.21) Bullish (0.47)

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