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Bitcoin Up over 600% Off of Its March Lows




BTC marked 25,000 for the 1st just a wk after breaking 24,000 The price continued its recent Northside pace, breaking 25,000 Friday night and setting a new all-time high of 25,914.46 Saturday morn, before fading to 25,669.62, + 6.18% on the day. YTD BTC is up more than 250%

Bitcoin, BTC to USD, is currently up nearly 250% YTD with less than a wk remaining in Y 2020.

It is a very impressive as Bitcoin marked nearly 26,000 early Saturday, and held at 25,600 +.

Investors will be questioning whether Bitcoin can continue its upward trajectory that started from at 3,700 in March when investors fled just about everything due to The China Virus chaos.

Trough to Top, Bitcoin surged by an even more impressive 600%+ and that was in only 3-Quarters.

Take the same trajectory, our founding economist Shayne Heffernan PhD believes that Bitcoin could hit the 145,000 in late 2021 before any pullback.

In late December, we saw the SEC file a lawsuit against Ripple, claiming that Ripple had not registered XRP as a security.

The damage to Ripple’s XRP was extensive.

Ripple’s XRP tumbled from a November all-time high of 0.78716 to a December low of 0.2000. That is a 746% fall and in 1 month.

Looking at the market resilience, Bitcoin and some other cryptos are more than holding, they are gaining.

This late Y 2020 momentum rally drove the cryptos to record highs, and there was no herd mentality sell-off comforting existing investors.

Have a healthy Holiday weekend, Keep the Faith!

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