Bitcoin Meets Amazon in a Blockchain Revolution Called Infireum

Bitcoin Meets Amazon in a Blockchain Revolution Called Infireum

Bitcoin Meets Amazon in a Blockchain Revolution Called Infireum

This is not your typical Cryptocurrency, not even close, Infireum is already listed and trading, there was NO ICO, no capital raise, the entire project was internally funded without debt to produce a legitimate solid currency.

Infireum is pegged to a basket of crypto and Asian currencies that are actively hedged to mirror shifts in the USD but at the same time insulate IFR from sell offs in the crypto market and wild currency swings.

Infireum (IFR) is an exciting new blockchain project delivering a much needed solution to bring cryptocurrency in to the real world by removing the value instability issues and inconsistent transaction speed that has stopped growth of cryptocurrencies in real world transactions.

Infireum uses proprietary blockchain technology, military grade cryptography and the latest in IoT application technology to allow transactions to be immediate, secure, stable and cheap it is so revolutionary large-scale enterprises and businesses can integrate process and skip the high cost of 3rd party service providers like traditional banks or and credit card companies.

The platform is also robust enough to handle international trade in large volumes away from the SWIFT and IBAN systems that are expensive, restrictive and slow.

IFR and its InfinitePay wallet allows cryptocurrency to leap across the boundaries that exist between crypto and fiat currencies and go to brand new places, secure payments across all IoT devices that are transparent, accurate and low cost.

The InfinitePay will blend seamlessly into Vmore’s eCommerce platform and arrangements have been made for the cryptocurrency purchases of a wide range of assets ranging from Race horses to fixed term investing. Infireum is truly a game changer with real world adoption and potentially value appreciating assets.

More info on Infireum can be found at at at

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