Bitcoin, How to Get to Yes Safely…

Bitcoin, How to Get to Yes Safely…

Bitcoin, How to Get to Yes Safely…


This week a Top division chief at the SEC outlined the commission’s concerns about the volatile-trading for cryptocurrency investments in a letter to 2 trade groups representing fund managers who have proffered a wide range of proposals for funds holding Bitcoin or related assets.

The SEC’s division of investment management wants answers to at least 31 detailed questions about how mutual funds or ETFs (exchange-traded funds) based on Bitcoin would store, safeguard, and price that asset.

They also asked whether investors can understand the risks and how to address concerns that Bitcoin markets could be manipulated. (

“There are a number of significant investor protection issues that need to be examined before sponsors begin offering these funds to investors,” said the letter signed by the SEC’s director of the division of investment management.

Bitcoin’s 1,400% run last in Y 2017 fueled investor demand for any product with exposure to the ‘hot’ asset. Now a group of companies are preparing to launch ETFs which would open up the cryptocurrency to the broad retail investor market.

Currently, Bitcoin is trading at: 12,451.4453, -98.5498, or -0.79% at the close: 4:32a GM, the market is closed.

The SEC see this as a real big deal by making public concerns that fund managers would have had to address on a case-by-case basis, quitely behind the scenes.

It signals us that the SEC are going to take some time to consider the industry’s responses before they change their minds on it and give cryptocurrencies the Green Light.

They want solid reason to get to Yes.

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G-BIT is a cryptocurrency that is based off of the principles of a central bank. In short, it was created to help the investor obtain wealth. It’s the only coin with two planned forks that increase an investor’s coin count.

The following example is a representation of how the G-BIT forks work based on the minimum investment of $1,000 for founders coins using the current G-BIT price for value.
G-BIT founder’s coins are available and can be purchased with a minimum investment of $1,000 for 40 coins @ $25 per coin. Each investor must fill out an application for founder’s coins before the coins can be issued.

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