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Bitcoin Continues To Become More Accessible – Paymail



One of the most vocal complaints about Bitcoin (BTC) from users and the old-fashioned financial institutions alike is the unwieldy address format – a long, random string of alphanumeric characters needed to send and receive Bitcoin. Money Button CEO Ryan X Charles, in *collaboration with other members of Bitcoin Association, has solved this issue for the BSV ecosystem with Paymail.

The original Bitcoin (BTC) has already proven it can – right now – scale to transaction levels close to VISA (NYSE:V) and has shown real, everyday utility. 

BSV is now making everyday use even easier by dispensing with the need for cumbersome Bitcoin addresses; now sending Bitcoin is as easy as sending email:

  • Paymail is a new identity protocol for Bitcoin that removes Bitcoin addresses from the user experience
  • Paymail uses actual names that look exactly the same as email addresses
  • Paymail addresses are much easier to remember, write, type or tap into a phone than Bitcoin addresses
  • Paymail can be used by any exchange, service or application that sends or receives BSV
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