Bipartisanship is a Move in Right Direction

Bipartisanship is a Move in Right Direction

Bipartisanship is a Move in Right Direction

President Donald Trump is moving in the right direction in his dealings with members of his Cabinet and Congress, as evidenced by bipartisan meetings with Democrats on the DACA program and other issues.


President Trump is not a “let’s pretend guy” to say he likes something when he does not. In the past The People and the media became used to the PC speak that comes out of the mouths of many politicians.



Plus, there is a lot of exaggeration in the press, as they try to make our President out to be a caricature.

On the DACA issue

President Trump dined with Democrats Senate Chuck Schumer (NY), and Representative Nancy Pelosi (CA) last week in the WH, clear evidence of his efforts toward bipartisanship.

The President met with the leaders Wednesday at the White House, and the Democrats (exaggeration) announced a deal to protect the 800,000 illegals under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program that did not include a provision for a wall on the US border with Mexico.

The White House disputed the claim, and President Trump said Thursday he was “fairly close” to a deal on DACA but later insisted, “If we don’t have a Wall, we’re doing nothing.”

Expect we will get the Wall.

We saw during the 1st 8ht months where things were not working well, approval numbers were trending down, and he was not getting any major legislation through.

He knew he needed a new strategy, a new approach, he shifted gears, reached out and is making notable progress.

The DACA resolve a big win for him in many ways because he is getting the Democrats to sign off on massive border funding.

Americans across the board are demanding border security, and this is a big 1st Step.

The People are really frightened anyone can walk across the border in the age of 9/11. And, the fact that our President is taking steps toward that is really positive and good for our nation.

Donald Trump has the personality to get along with anyone. He is a gregarious, charming man in person, and charismatic in the extreme

So, do not believe the Noise that he does not get along with Senators Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Rand Paul (R-KY) or Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Minn).

If there are issues they disagree on, we are seeing that there are new directions and approaches.

Yes, he has been very frustrated with the way the healthcare bill was done, the Barack Obamacare repeal, but expect that it will also get done.

What we have seen and continue to experience is a mainstream press that has been trying to create a a tragic Opera out of so many things, that really do not exist.

Have terrific weekend…

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