Billionaire Kayne West Leads Black Americans Out of Poverty into America’s Dream

Billionaire Kayne West Leads Black Americans Out of Poverty into America’s Dream

Billionaire Kayne West Leads Black Americans Out of Poverty into America’s Dream

  • Black-American Voters Shifting Toward Donald Trump

Thursday, President Trump met with Kanye West and Jim Brown in the Oval Office to discuss criminal justice reform and other policy issues. Then they had lunch afterwards to continue their discussion.

The MSM says that it know what the issues will be in the midterm elections. While most guessing involves various domestic topics or policy matters such as immigration and healthcare, a Key issue has been almost totally ignored up until now.

It is single most important factor in November: who turns out to vote.

In a recent Rasmussen Poll, President Trump’s approval rating among Black-Americans came at 36%, nearly 2X his support last year. That number alone signals big trouble for the Democrats, as well as the future of the party.

The approval rating becomes even more important when we consider Donald Trump got just 8% of the Black-American vote in the 2016 Presidential election. Many folks in the Black community have taken notice of the record low Black unemployment and Trump Campaign slogan urging them to vote for him: “What do you have to lose?”

But numbers do not lie and if the Rasmussen Poll is an indicator of a major shift in one of the Key areas of the Democratic Party base, it could change the dynamics of the midterm elections in a major way.

President Trump “is breaking the Democrat Party as we know it.”

The Democrats have virtually owned the Black vote since LBJ portraying themselves as the party that champions the underdog.

Most big city mayors are either Black-American or far-left liberals. But President Trump’s challenge of “What have you got to lose?” is now resonating with many minorities, both Black and Brown who have seen little change in urban unemployment and poorly-run school systems for generations.

The Rasmussen Poll is a disaster for Democratic strategists who have come to rely heavily on their huge majorities among the less fortunate in our society. The Democratic party’s base is being fractured as the economy and unemployment reach record highs and lows. That has helped all Americans including the base of the Democratic Party.

The Rasmussen Poll is much higher in its percentages than the NAACP or Pew Research Polls.

This trend continues to grow and as it does history will show that Black businessman Kayne West led the way. He was the 1st to point out startling facts to the Black community. And today Black-American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in this country.

Mr. West’s “support” emboldened the President to point out West’s remarks last May to a boisterous National Rifle Association (NRA) convention. Shortly after Mr. West had publicly cited the unemployment figures, a Reuters poll showed the president’s approval rating among African-Americans spiked from 11 to 22 in a week.

Add to that Thursday Mr. West’s visit to lunch with President Trump in the Oval Office where he extolled the President’s leadership in a stream of consciousness that shocked Dem leaders, MSM’s talking heads, pundits and the Black community at large.

Mr. West said his “Make America Great Again” hat gives him power. “When I put this hat on I felt like Superman,” he told President Trump.

He went on to say the President inspired him to sign a shoe design contract with Adidas. “You gave me the heart to go to Adidas,” he told President Trump. “This Adidas thing made me a billionaire.”

President Trump asked Mr. West what he thought of the Oval Office. “It has good energy,” Mr. West said.

The 2 men hugged. “I love this guy,” Mr. West said.

The midterm elections generally mean the political party out of power will gain seats in Congress. But if a major part of the Democratic Party’s base of support expresses their doubts in the voting booth it will be a game changer for the party going forward.

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