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Bill Gates Donates Billions to Private and Public Companies, a Moral Hazard Surrounds Him



In a 17 March 2020, article in The Nation titled, “Bill Gates’ Charity Paradox,” details “the moral hazards surrounding the Gates Foundation’s $50 billion charitable enterprise, whose sprawling activities over the last two decades have been subject to remarkably little government oversight or public scrutiny.”

As noted in this article, Mr. Gates discovered an easy way to gain political power “one that allows unelected billionaires to shape public policy” — namely charity.

Mr. Gates has described his charity strategy as “catalytic philanthropy,” one in which the “tools of capitalism” are leveraged to benefit the poor.

The problem is that the true beneficiaries of Mr. Gates’ philanthropic endeavors are those who are already rich beyond comprehension, including his charitable foundation.

The poor, on the other hand, end up with costly solutions like patented GMO seeds and vaccines that in some instances have done far more harm than good.

The Nation reports: “Through an investigation of more than 19,000 charitable grants the Gates Foundation has made over the last two decades, The Nation has uncovered close to $2 billion in tax-deductible charitable donations to private companies … which are tasked with developing new drugs, improving sanitation in the developing world, developing financial products for Muslim consumers, and spreading the good news about this work.

The Gates Foundation even gave $2 million to Participant Media to promote Davis Guggenheim’s previous documentary film ‘Waiting for Superman,‘ which pushes one of the foundation’s signature charity efforts, charter schools — privately managed public schools. This charitable donation is a small part of the $250 million the foundation has given to media companies and other groups to influence the news.

‘It’s been a quite unprecedented development, the amount that the Gates Foundation is gifting to corporations … I find that flabbergasting, frankly,’ says Linsey McGoey, a professor of sociology at the University of Essex and author of the book ‘No Such Thing as a Free Gift.’

‘They’ve created one of the most problematic precedents in the history of foundation giving by essentially opening the door for corporations to see themselves as deserving charity claimants at a time when corporate profits are at an all-time high.'”

Public ompanies that have received large donations from the Gates Foundation include GlaxoSmithKline, Unilever, IBM, Vodafone, Scholastic Inc. and NBC Universal Media.


In the video above, Spiro Skouras reviews how the global COVID-19 coronavirus ‘pandemic’ is being used to take freedom and liberty away from us, and the role Bill Gates is playing in the process.

“We have been encouraged to sacrifice our liberty for a false sense of security, being conditioned more and more each day to rely on the state for protection and now many of us find ourselves relying on the state to pay our bills,” Mr. Skouras says.

“Some are beginning to see that there may be more to the official story than what we are led to believe. The very few may have seen this coming and are waiting for the next phase of what very well could be another step closer to global governance.

The exact same individuals and government agencies, in addition to global institutions who stand to benefit the most, are the ones calling the shots.”

Bill Gates fits the description of someone who is both calling the shots and stands to gain handsomely from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Big Q: How?

The Big A: By investing in the same industries he gives charitable donations to and, second, by promoting a global public health agenda that benefits the companies he has invested in and supports.

If donating to for-profit companies sounds illegal to you, you are right. Bill Gates is a tax evader for doing so, and is getting away with it. The nonprofit foundation is a disguise to avoid taxes while funding the research arms of for-profit organizations that his foundation is invested in.

In reality, Bill and Melinda Gates should be arrested,tried convicted and given long federal prison sentences, and while not directly spelled out that is the point of The Nation’s article. Using nonprofit money to advance research for companies you are invested in is illegal.

If you are as repulsed that Bill Gates is getting away with this illegal behavior as much as many of us are, then contact the IRS Whistleblower Office and ask them to investigate Bill Gates’ tax evasion

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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