The Big Q: What is going on in the Deep State?

The Big Q: What is going on in the Deep State?

The Big Q: What is going on in the Deep State?

Some Background

FISA is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 was written to enable the federal government to spy on foreign agents at home and abroad.

The secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which hears the government’s lawyers has morphed foreign intelligence surveillance into undifferentiated bulk surveillance of all Americans.

Undifferentiated bulk surveillance is the governmental acquisition of fiber-optic data stored and transmitted by nearly every person in America. This includes all telephone conversations, text messages and e-Mails, as well as all medical, legal and financial records.

Used by the judicious, personalized and secret revelation of data, both good and bad here is what we know about our enemies, and here is what we know about you.

The NSA shows its might to the legislators who supposedly regulate it, really NSA regulates them.

This is 1 facet of the deep state, the unseen parts of the government that are not authorized by the Constitution and that never change, no matter which party controls the legislative or executive branch.

Now, the evidence on which the House committee members have is a Republican-written summary of raw intelligence data the discovered in the interviews and the subpoenas.

Earlier this week, the Democrats on the committee authored their version based, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) says is on the same raw intelligence data as was used in writing the Republican memo. But the House Intelligence Committee, made up of 13 Republicans and 9 Democrats, apparently voted to release just the Republican-written memo.

Late last week it became apparent that the Republican memo would be released very soon, the Department of Justice (DOJ) publicly contradicted President Trump by advising the leadership of the House Intelligence Committee that their 4 page memo should not be released to The America People.

It soon became apparent that no one in the DOJ had seen the GOP’s memo.

So, FBI Director Chris Wray made a quick Secret trip to the House Intelligence Committee’s vault last Sunday afternoon to view the memo.

When he was asked by the people who showed it to him whether it contains secret or Top Secret material, he did no say. But, what he did see in the memo was the name of the #2 man at the bureau, Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, listed as 1 of the abusers of spying authority, triggered Director McCabe’s summary sacking from the next day, after a career of 30 years and on the cusp of retiring in March.

The abuse summarized in the GOP memo spans the last year of The Hussein Obama Admin, and the 1st year of The Trump Administration. We expect it will show the deep state using the government’s powers for petty/political/ideological reasons.

The use of raw intelligence data by the NSA or the FBI for political purposes or to manipulate those in government is as serious a threat to our government, to personal liberty in a free society, as has ever occurred in America since Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, which punished speech critical of the government.

What is going on here?  We may know on Thursday.

In an Op-Ed piece Wednesday, Judge Andrew Nepolitano wrote: “The government works for us; we should not tolerate its treating us as children. When raw intelligence data is capable of differing interpretations and is relevant to a public dispute — about, for example, whether the NSA and the FBI are trustworthy, whether FISA should even exist, whether spying on everyone all the time keeps us safe and whether the Constitution even permits this, the raw data should be released to the American public.

“Where is the personal courage on the House Intelligence Committee?

“Where is the patriotism? Where is the fidelity to the Constitution?

“The government exists by our consent. It derives its powers from us. We have a right to know what it has done in our names, who broke our trust, who knew about it, who looked the other way and why and by whom all this was intentionally hidden until after Congress voted to expand FISA.

“Everyone in government takes an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution.

How many take it meaningfully and seriously?”

Note: Andrew P. Napolitano, is a former Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey

Mr. President, drain the Swamp!


Stay tuned…

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