Betting on Bitcoin is Getting Easier

Betting on Bitcoin is Getting Easier

Betting on Bitcoin is Getting Easier


It is getting easier to bet on the price of Bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency world is very similar to the stock market.

And it is to the point to where participants have to start paying attention to the cryptocurrency market because wealth is being created daily, as more and more people are making long term and short term gains is digital currencies .

Bitcoin is the most popular and the most expensive coin on the market

Here are the current standings, as follows:

You can begin to participate in this thriving market via an encrypted, not hackable that goes live on 14 February.

GBIT Website

The following example is a representation of how the GBIT forks will work based on the minimum investment of $1,000 for founders coins using the current GBIT price for value.

 GBIT founder’s coins are available and can be purchased with a minimum investment of $1,000 @ $20 per coin which in turn gives you 50 coins. They will also be available for purchase from the GBIT website at the current market price of over $300 per coin.

50 coins owned now become 1,000 coins (50 x 20) on 2-14-2018

1,000 coins become 5,000 coins (1,000 x 5) on 12-21-2018

The current price of one GBIT coin as of January 7, 2018 @ 10am is $358.98

(GBIT price is ETH x .33) ETH is the symbol for Ethereum. You can follow the price of ETH on the Coin Base app.

GBIT pricing is based off of the price of Ethereum because both coins have similar Blockchain.

A $1,000 investment now is worth $17,949 based on the current price of 50 GBIT coins. Fifty (50) coins become 1,000 coins (50 x 20) on 2-14-2018 and even if the price of GBIT stays the same, the value of 1,000 coins will be approximately $358,980.

One thousand (1,000) coins become 5,000 coins (1,000 x 5) on 12-21-2018. If the price stays the same your investment is worth approximately $1,794,900. If the coin price drops 50% your coins are worth $897,450. Not bad for a $1,000 investment. Again this is an example of how the GBIT works and returns maybe higher or lower depending on the GBIT price.

The exchange, GBIT X is the coin/currency exchange that created GBIT.

If you sell your coin through the exchange instead of the open market, you can have your funds sent to you via a non-recourse loan which there is no tax liability receiving your funds as a loan.

Take GBIT seriously and if you do not like GBIT, find a currency or other investment vehicle that will help you obtain the wealth and financial freedom that you are looking for.

Before you get started, sit with your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids and or family and figure out what your dreams are. By taking the time to do this, it will tell how much you need to start with.

If you are the only one in your circle figuring this out, it is suggested that you get your family and friends involved so you are not the ones paying for their dreams along with yours. Have fun with GBIT and dream! Working on your dreams is much more fun than working to just pay bills.

14 February, is just 31 days away.

Do not miss out on the 1st fork. Get yourself positioned to catch the 1st fork on Valentine’s Day 2018!

Have a terrific weekend.

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