Betsy DeVos Will ‘Neuter’ Teacher’s Unions and Empower Parents

Betsy DeVos Will ‘Neuter’ Teacher’s Unions and Empower Parents

Betsy DeVos Will ‘Neuter’ Teacher’s Unions and Empower Parents

Expect President Donald Trump’s Nom for Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos to fight school unions and empower parents if immediately when she is confirmed.

US Senate Democrats used talking points passed along by the bosses of the teachers’ unions” as they criticized Mrs. DeVos during her confirmation hearing 2 weeks ago.

She showed her mettle in fending off their attacks,” said former US Congressman McCollum, who served in the House from Y’s 1981-2001. “After the hearing, she also showed her graciousness, extending a hand of fellowship to Senator Elizabeth Warren, only to be rudely rejected by the Junior Dem Senator from Massachusetts.

President Trump, and Secretary DeVos will have  years to break the teachers’ union monopoly over K-12 education and give parents a larger voice in how and where their children are educated.

And Secretary DeVos would help Republicans implement their agenda that turns the focus away from Washington, DC and onto the states.

“More important, conservatives will have the opportunity to fully empower parents with more control over their children’s education, through expanded charter schools and a variety of private school choice programs such as vouchers, corporate tax credits for scholarships and education savings accounts,” Mr. McCollum said.

Secretary DeVos will take on the Unions

“She is a proven and successful reformer who has fought and defeated the unions to expand school choice in state capitols across the country, standing with Republican and open-minded Democratic state lawmakers who are willing to put the interests of parents and students first,” Mr. McCollum said.

Mr. McCollum is the Chairman of the Republican State Leadership Committee.

Stay tuned…

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