Best Restaurants in Miami Beach: French 27

Best Restaurants in Miami Beach: French 27

Best Restaurants in Miami Beach: French 27

French 27 is a contemporary restaurant that strives to find the very best products on the market for cooking exceptional culinary creations.

At French 27, key ingredients from the 27 regions of France are present in the menu, as well as a vast array of wines with an emphasis on the French regions, all of which will pair perfectly with the menu options.

French 27 is an outstanding dining experience.

The Menu


For those who like to pamper themselves, French 27 have designed an extensive menu with elegant and subtle French touches. You will find everything from a tartar, shellfish cocktails, salads and soups, to a wide variety of steaks, all cooked with the delicate French touch of executive chefs Andreas Trilik and Yann Rio.

Andreas Trilik


Executive Chef Andreas Trilk. Andreas’ formal culinary education began while working alongside his grandfather at the French border of Alsace (Elsass), a region well-known for incredible wines and unforgettable food. His grandfather taught him to create the finest food, no matter who might taste it.

Chef Andreas’ family owned a winery in the Alsace region of his youth and produced two types of delicious wine,Spätburgunder and gewürztraminer. This contributed to Andreas’ growing love of fine wine and fine food, which was further encouraged when he started as a trainee in the Family Hotel, where he was assigned to French cuisine. In 1995 he finished his Master Chef Degree and Instructor for the Kitchen. That year he was the 3rd-best Chef in the region.

Because of his success and continued appreciation for cooking, Chef Andreas journeyed all over the world to experience new cuisines and refine his tastes. He visited fantastic locations as a Chef, such as Officer Casino, Ulm Germany, Stuttgart Germany Intercontinental, Wilder Mann Meersburg; Near Davos in Arosa Switzerland Park Hotel, Marriott Castle Harbour Bermuda. These captivating locations served to introduce Andreas to new methods of cooking, exotic foods, and enchanting individuals.

In 2006, Chef Andreas was compelled to relocate to the Cayman Islands, where he worked for 8 years in the Grand Old House in Grand Cayman, one of the most famous restaurants in the Cayman. Building on his experience there, combined with the rest of his 30+ years working kitchens all over the world, Andreas is a thriving expert in International Food.

In a culmination of all of his life achievements, training and experiences, Chef Andreas has become the leader of French 27, a concept that gathers the best from his lifetime of cooking and combines it with 27 regions of France. From food to wine, the creators of French 27 strive to give every visitor a remarkable encounter.

“Food is an essential to life, therefore make it excellent”

Chef Yann Rio


Chef Yann Rio is a classically trained French chef extraordinaire. He started at La Rotisserie d’en Face, Paris, and impressed diners with his careful, meticulous preparation and presentation. Chef Yann differentiated his work in an effort to continue learning and growing and eventually became a consulting chef for La Boussole, another superb Paris restaurant.

In 2001, Chef Yann started his first establishment, a gourmet restaurant called Sequoia, in Montpellier. Sequoia was lauded by all French culinary guides and received 2 forks with the Michelin guide. In 2010 and 2013, Chef Yann opened O’Flore in France and “Nothing but the Best” in Miami, Florida.

Because of his experience and excellent reputation, Chef Yann was approached to work as a consultant for Greenstreet Restaurant Coconut Grove. He training staff, added new recipes and strived to improve the overall quality of the restaurant, to the deep satisfaction of his employer. He also consulted for La Forza International by redesigning the menus and training the staff.

In 2011, Chef Yann served as a judge for the exam BTS of Cuisine. He is an active member of the World Association of Chefs Societies and the Association of Chefs of France. He maintains the title of Maitre-Restaurateur of France, issued by the Government. This is a title of Master Restaurateur conferred to competent restaurateurs on compliance of a strict and large criteria.

2015 he joined FRENCH an energetic, boisterous, cheerful, casual restaurant, with only the best ingredients and techniques in food preparation. A new, vibrant and sophisticated concept.







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