Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Campaign Broke Federal Laws

Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Campaign Broke Federal Laws

FLASH: Bern’s 2016 Presidential campaign violated FEC laws, no Bern is about to Feel the Burn!

A political watchdog group has accused Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), and his 2016 presidential election campaign of breaking federal election laws by allowing 3 foreign nationals to work on the campaign in decision-making positions.

The Coolidge Reagan Foundation, a group that protects the First Amendment and monitors the government for ethics violations, filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission Friday with its allegations against Senator Sanders.

The complaint says that Erika Andiola, Cesar Vargas, and Maria Belén Sisa were hired for managerial roles on Senator Sanders’ 2016 campaign, which led to them illegally influencing the election as foreign nationals. According to the foundation, foreigners are banned from participating in the decision-making process for US political campaigns.

Coolidge Reagan Foundation Chairman Shaun McCutcheon said, “Bernie Sanders is obsessed with the ‘Russian collusion’ and ‘foreign interference’ narratives, and yet he allows foreign nationals to influence our elections for his personal benefit — in direct violation of the law. It’s time for Americans to hold him accountable, and for the FEC to make him ‘feel the burn’ for breaking the law.”

Senator Sanders fell short of the 2016 Democratic Presidential nomination to Hillary Clinton. A self-described Socialist, he is running again in Y 2020.

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