F1: Bernie Ecclestone wants more Drama, backs Donald Trump for US President

F1: Bernie Ecclestone wants more Drama, backs Donald Trump for US President

F1: Bernie Ecclestone wants more Drama, backs Donald Trump for US President


Bernie Ecclestone wants to add drama and make racing riskier to rekindle interest.

Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone, 86 anni, has suggested changes that he thinks will help improve or rather spice up the sport, which has seen a decrease in the number of viewers in recent years.

Part of the slump could be due to lack of competition, which has seen just a few teams dominate the proceedings.

The constant change in rules has also alienated a number of fans and Mr. Ecclesstone is keen to bring back the drama and cutting edge racing to rekindle interest.

Safety has been of Paramount concern for the organizers during the last decade and it was stepped up following the passing of Aryton Senna in Y 1994. Despite the best efforts, there was a casualty when Jules Bianchi died last year after sustaining head injuries during the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix.

The Boss feels that the risk involved in high-speed racing could be a way of making it exciting again, while also calling on F1 to dramatize crashes by keeping the viewers in suspense about the safety of the driver.

“In the old days people would come to a race and think that somebody could get killed. Today they come to a race knowing nobody is going to get killed. Which is good. But I want to build 40cm-high walls around the corners. I keep being told that they mustn’t go off the road — they wouldn’t this way,” Mr. Ecclestone said.

“They did not go off the road in Baku and I’ve never seen them go off in Monaco. Or Singapore. And they are probably some of the good races. If someone is running a circus with a high-wire act 15 metres up people will want to go there. If it were a metre off the ground, they would say, ‘I can do that’,” he said citing the three street races on the F1 calendar.

“When you have a big shunt like Fernando’s we ought to put up big sheets around the scene, bring in the ambulance and take him away. He goes to hospital and later on you announce that, thank God, he’s out. A bit of showbiz. People like that.” Mr. Ecclestone was referring to Fernando Alonso, when he walked out without any injuries, much to everyone’s delight, after a massive crash at the 2016 Australian GP.

Mr. Ecclestone has also given his take on the US Presidential election and has backed Republican candidate Donald Trump. The F1 Boss believes the real estate mogul will bring about more changes than Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, but has also expects him to “f*** up a lot of things”.

“I would have Trump. 100%. If they get Clinton, nothing’s going to change. Trump would change a lot of things and might f*** up a lot things. But out of the changes a lot of good things would come. I was with Vladimir Putin in April. I said Donald Trump was going to win and if he does he’ll come and give you a big hug, and you’ll be running America in 3 years. Which I think he thought was funny,” he added.

Scuderia Team drive Sebastian Vettel says he is ‘here to help’ Ferrari develop its machinery despite a critique from team boss Maurizio Arrivabene in which he was told he needs to ‘refocus’ on driving.

The 4X world champion’s priorities have been under scrutiny in recent races after Ferrari team principal Arrivabene commented during the Japanese Grand Prix that Vettel needs to be reminded to focus on the main job of driving the car.

Though Mr. Vettel has gone on to play down the comments and deny there is a rift between he and Mr. Arrivabene, speaking ahead of the Mexican Grand Prix he reiterated that he wants to be an asset for Ferrari when it comes to using his experience in improving the car.

“When I joined Red Bull I was 20, 21 years old so I guess I have a little bit more experience now or the day that I joined last year,” he responded when asked whether he feels more central to Ferrari than he did at Red Bull.

“When you grow up, you build a certain experience, you are able I think to see a bit the bigger picture. I guess it changes also your mind and your perspective of things. Of course if I see I can help somewhere, in the end I am here to drive the car, but also here to help.”

Indeed, Ferrari and Mr. Vettel have endured a trying year in Y 2016, hampered by a combination of clumsy on-track issues, ill-timed technical problems and an upturn in form from Red Bull.

A year on from Mr. Vettel’s 3 race wins, the German nonetheless feels the results have merely not showcased the true pace of the Ferrari rather than there being a fundamental competitiveness issue.

“I think what we need to do is do exactly what we are doing, I do not think we are lacking anything. Obviously in Austin we were not as competitive as we would have liked to have been, I think in Japan we had the potential to put both cars on the podium if we start where we qualified so yeah, very much it has been up and down, probably the last 10 races I guess for the team as well.

“I don’t think we need to actually change anything. It is clear that we have the car that we have, we know we are not the favorites going into the weekend but still we are here to fight and I think we have a chance always to win and always to fight for podiums.”

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