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Break Addiction With The Phone Detox

phone detox

The average person checks their phone every 12 minutes and spends 4 hours a day on their phone. That’s just the average, meaning some people are spending less, around 1 or 2 and some are spending more, around 7.

People may not even realise it either, to check right now how long you spend on your phone, go to your phone settings and check the screen time management. It will show you the amount of time you spend on your phone, how often you unlock your phone and the time you spend on each app.

After seeing the shocking results, it may motivate you to become a little more aware of how much you choose to pick up your phone. Whenever you get bored, or have to wait or feel awkward or a room gets quiet or someone is talking to you, your mind unconsciously wants to pick up a phone, it is a safe place for most.

Sometimes you even wake up in the morning early and you can go be productive before you day starts but instead you look at your phone and the next thing you know an hour plus has passed.

Phones are a major distraction and parasite to our health, our communication skills, our people skills, our confidence, it requires nothing of you to be on your phone and it takes away everything that makes you human and us as people social beings. It makes it harder for us to socialize because the moment our socializing gets quiet we have built an instinct to want to hide in our phones.

The Phone Detox

Step #1 Become Aware

The first step to detoxing from your phone is to become aware. Every time you reach for your phone or have the urge to pick it up thing to yourself, why am i picking it up. Self diagnose yourself, you will find that you pick it up for many reasons, your waiting for something, the person your with is on their phone, your getting anxiety, you feel awkward, sometimes you just have the urge to pick it up when your working or studying as a reflex. Pay attention.

Step #2 Put The Phone Down

Now that you are slowly becoming more aware of why and how often you pick your phone up, everytime you do it for no good reason, put it down. You didn’t need to pick it up so put it down and deal with the situation infront of you, socialise, or even if you don’t know how to social, people watch or think. This will build you up to breaking the bad phone habit and slowly adjust your body to being comfortable around people.

Step #3 Understand Your Surroundings

Now that you understand how often you use your phone and the addiction you had and you are making the effort to continuously put your phone down whenever not needed. You will find yourself understanding your surroundings more and it will open you up to understanding yourself.

A place where you may have found joy in because you could burry your face in your phone there, you may not enjoy as much anymore or you will enjoy it more.

For example, say you go to Starbucks with friends and you were always on your phone, but now that your not, you enjoy it more because you find what happens around you to be more interesting and your participating in your friends conversations more or a nice stranger felt comfortable to start up a conversation with you because you opened yourself up to the opportunity. That is a good thing.

Or maybe you used to go to Starbucks with your friends and just use your phone their, but since you aren’t using your phone anymore and your friends still are, you are bored. This opens up the opportunity for you to think, suggest doing activities where you can’t use your phones like going hiking, camping, trampolining. With less of the dopamine you got from your phone entering your body, you are craving it from other places and your brain is ready to try new things to get it. This is a good thing as well.

Step #4 Enjoy Life

Since the phone / dopamine detox you took from your phone and all the steps you went through to completely freeing yourself from the addiction to pick up your phone, your body should be back in a more present state. Where you are comfortable and aware and appreciative of things. That is the greatest gift you can give yourself, to free your mind from an addiction most people are under.

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