Beemsy Launches on Kickstarter

Beemsy Launches on Kickstarter

Beemsy is a new way to communicate for people. Users are Bees in Beemsy and can buy bee-coins (1000,2000,5000,10000) via In-App purchases or collect them by flying into venues and locking them (for a specific time) – venue owners can show special discounts and track visitors. In this time, other bees can’t lock the venue and receive coins, expect they have a special item from the store.

Revenue comes from users buying items as well as venue owners having a monthly subscription for tracking and analyzing users.

Bees can spend Bee-Coins on digital items in that store (avatar, super lock items, etc.) as well as on encrypted messages for specific bees. Ofcourse, Bees can read and send public messages via a chat as well as leave public geo-based messages. Bees need to be close to the dropped message for reading it.

The app is still in development, there’s alot done so far but I’am hurrying up to get this finished by mid of this year because I really love the mission behind this project.

I would be glad if you could bake this project and help me to get Beemsy on the road! I will need the investment for an additional full-stack frontend-developer and graphics (with UX skills), map license (MapBox: 490$/mo) and servers costs (200$/mo).

Risks and challenges

There’s no “this project is going to fail” because I will release it anyways.

In my honest opinion, the only risk is that there will be not enough users but then, the costs will be small too. I will push it using awesome marketing campaigns.

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