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Be Objective in Stressful Situations, Breathe


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Staying calm in a tough situation is not always easy. It requires patience, practice, and a big effort”— Paul Ebeling

So, when you get through and unpleasant situations with a steady head, congratulate yourself. Be proud that you were able to breathe, calm down and act in an appropriate manner!

Then, tell yourself “good job!” Knowing that great things never come inside a comfort zone.

And if it was a very difficult situation, reward yourself with a pat on the back. If there was something you think you could have done better, acknowledge it and move forward.

If you make a mistake, learn how to forgive yourself and give yourself a 2nd chance. And do not hold on to resentment when others make mistakes.

Find a place in nature, take a walk in the Sun to unwind, and know that there will always be another trade.

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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