Barack Obamacare 2017 Enrollment Goal Will Not Be Met

Barack Obamacare 2017 Enrollment Goal Will Not Be Met

Barack Obamacare 2017 Enrollment Goal Will Not Be Met

Thursday, the Trump Administration said Thursday is pulling back advertising to promote as open enrollment draws to a close for this year.

The Health and Human Services Department (HHS) said in a statement that the government has pulled back about $5% in ads as part of an effort to cut costs.

The statement said HHS has already spent more than $60-M to promote sign-ups this year under former President Barack Hussein-Obama’s health care law.

Former Obama officials immediately accused the new administration of “sabotage.”

Calling the decision “outrageous,” former CEO said in a statement that the move could keep young, healthy people from getting into the insurance pool, thereby driving up costs. “We know that more young people enroll during the final days of open enrollment, but they need to be reminded of the Jan. 31 deadline,” he said.

A call to the national call center Thursday night found it up and running.

An operator read a reporter a script saying that the transition to a new administration has not affected coverage for Y 2017, and people are still able to sign up.

The HHS website still linked featured a link for open enrollment and a blog promoting the law. offer subsidized private health insurance for people who do not have access to coverage on the job. This year the online insurance markets have been rocked by sharply higher premiums and dwindling choice of insurers.

US President Donald Trump and leading Republicans foretasted the markets as on the verge of collapse, and have cast their own effort to repeal and replace the Barack Obamacare health overhaul as a rescue mission. Most independent experts say  fixes are needed to strengthen the markets.

The Obama’s Administration’s goal of 13.8-M enrolled for Y 2017 will not be met.

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