Barack Hussein-Obama’s “War on America” Begat Donald Trump

Barack Hussein-Obama’s “War on America” Begat Donald Trump

Barack Hussein-Obama’s “War on America” Begat Donald Trump

We can thank former US President Barack Hussein-Obama for his missteps as President for sending  Donald J. Trump to our White House, former Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) said in a TV interview Tuesday.

“Mr. Former President . . . You are the one that made war on America,

“You are the one that destroyed, for instance, the coal industry and put hundreds of thousands of people out of work.

“You are the one that went all over, and over, and over the fact that you believed America was not an important place on this planet – that it was just another place to live. You hated America, and it became apparent to most Americans,” Mr. Tancredo said.

Mr. Tancredo said Hussein-Obama’s litany of mistakes caused Americans to look for not just “a face lift” in Washington, but “a complete and entire change in direction.”

“Let’s think about what would have happened had he been a more moderate President . . . who would have replaced him?” Mr. Tancredo asked. “It would’ve been some weak-kneed Republican like Jeb Bush.

“And we would’ve headed in the same direction maybe on a fast track with Hillary, and a slower track with the Republican, but nonetheless a leftward movement.

“Now, thank God, we have somebody that’s going to make a 180 degree change, and I’m telling you that is the most important thing that has happened in America in my lifetime, and Obama has to be thanked for giving us Donald Trump. ”

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