Barack Hussein Obama Worked to Weaken US Military World Wide

Barack Hussein Obama Worked to Weaken US Military World Wide

Barack Hussein Obama Worked to Weaken US Military World Wide

The Navy’s Pacific Fleet safety and readiness is being questioned by federal watchdogs

Seventeen sailors have been killed in 2 recent separate ship collisions and more than one-third of warfare training certificates for Japan-based destroyers and cruisers expired in June, a 5X increase from two years ago, a Government Accountability Office (GAO) report said.

The GAO targeted the fleet’s destroyers and cruisers, 2kinds of ships involved in the 4 collisions this year. Each ship requires 12+ training certifications, including mobility and seamanship, and warfare capabilities like ballistic missile defense and surface warfare.

The Navy’s Pacific Fleet is comprised of roughly 200 ships and submarines, almost 1,200 aircraft, and more than 130,000 Sailors, Marines and civilians responsible for 100-M sqm of territory, the Fleet’s website said.

Vice chief of Naval operations Admiral Bill Moran, who ordered a review of surface fleet operations after the USS John McCain’s collision on 20 August testified Thursday before the House armed services committee.

The USS Fitzgerald and the USS John McCain, 2 guided missile destroyers, collided with other vessels this summer. The Fitzgerald collision on 17 June killed 7 sailors and the McCain crash killed 10.

US military leaders, lawmakers, and the GAO had voiced concern before over the Navy’s readiness, due in part to the increased size of the fleet and the constant number of ships deployed, along with the increased length of deployments.

“The Navy has had to shorten, eliminate, or defer training and maintenance periods to support these high deployment rates,” John Pendleton, director of the GAO defense capabilities and management, said in GAO written testimony.

Navy Secretary Richard V. Spencer said Wednesday that the service will consult with Crude Oil production company BP North America (NYSE:BP) and other outside firms as part of a readiness review.

The independent review will gather input from companies that have experienced public disasters, including BP, Boeing (NYSE:BA), shipping business Crowley Marine, shipping container firm Maersk and Sandia National Laboratories.

“We have reached out to industry who have gone through various different meaningful events and come out the other side,” Secretary Spencer said at a defense industry conference this week.

Note: Taken as a group, President Trump’s military commanders see their mission thus: to correct errors, omissions, mistakes and intentional weakening of the the US’ armed forces world wide by The Hussein Obama Admin.

Stay tuned…

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