Barack Hussein Obama “Holed up” in Non Extradition Treaty Country

Barack Hussein Obama “Holed up” in Non Extradition Treaty Country

Barack Hussein Obama “Holed up” in Non Extradition Treaty Country

The leader of the seditious anti-Trump Administration “Deep State”, former US President Barack Hussein Obama is now HQ’d on the French Polynesian Island of Tetiaroa where there is no extradition treaty with the US.

Some people believe that reasoned that he engaged in foul play in the Y 2012 election because he was “so unpopular” and “people despise his administration.”

“I know what it was, we had intel agencies hack the election,” one pundit declared. “This is why they’re so adamant about accusing Vladimir Putin of hacking the election, because they know that they have (the Democrats) been doing it for a long time.”

And that Hussein Obama and his minions also tried to hack the Y 2016 election, but it “did not work.”

“They didn’t hack it enough,” he said. “There were so many people that voted for Donald Trump that all of their corruption could not overcome the will of the people.”

There have been rumors this month and now claims that Mr. Hussein Obama’s vacation to French Polynesia is his attempt to flee justice and imminent arrest: “This is why Obama is hiding in French Polynesia. He is a fugitive. He is hiding from arrest. I believe he knows he’s going to be arrested.”

The speculation is that former President Obama may end up living aboard a yacht in International Waters in order to avoid extradition for sedition and perhaps treason to the US over what he called “the biggest scandal in the history of this nation” and possibly “the biggest scandal in the history of the world.”

There is also the possibility that he is just spending time away from Washington DC while, the wall is being built around his rented manse, and Michelle and Valerie set up housekeeping there.

Stay tuned…



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