Barack Hussein Obama to Ankle the Oval Office for His DC Kitchen

Barack Hussein Obama to Ankle the Oval Office for His DC Kitchen

Barack Hussein Obama to Ankle the Oval Office for His DC Kitchen

Soon to be Mr. Obama, Lame Duck US President Barack Hussein Obama is setting a group of Key ‘kitchen cabinet” members to advise and counsel him on how to attack, hamper and hobble the incoming Trump Administration ability to govern our Republic, Obama is The Enemy.

US President Barack Hussein Obama is “setting up an informal shadow Cabinet to resist Donald Trump at every turn,” journalist Edward Klein said Thursday.

“The subtext of that farewell address was: ‘I’m not going anywhere. I’m still the head of the party. I’m going to organize a resistance to Donald Trump — and I want you all to follow me,'” Mr. Klein said in the interview.

He’s staying in Washington, and he is building a wall around his rented mansion in DC.

Notably, Mr. Obama will not include Hill or Billy Clinton in that “circle.”

“Barack Hussein Obama is a community organizer, he is not and will never be a Commander Klein. We all saw he go all out for Hillary, and he could not get her or most of those Dems that ran in November elected, he is a loner, about himself and not about The Troops of The People.

Hill and Billy will stay clear of President Donald Trump, as the e-Mail scandal and the Clinton Foundation’s miss deeds are just a Tweet  away. Hill and Billy will not annoy Donald Trump, with the notion he will give them a wave…

It was reported Thursday that’s (NASDAQ:AMZN) Jeff Bezos, also the owner of the left wing Washington Post, has purchased the most expensive residential property in DC for $23-M, Obama’s pad would fit in Jeff’s car park.  Expect Mr. Bezos to hang out with Mr. Obama, until things get really tough, then he will abandon Mr. Obama, Jeff is pragmatic.

George Soros has already gotten a billion dollar haircut and he NGOs are being shut down in the EU betting against Donald Trump, Soros is also pragmatic and old at 87 anni,

Regarding reports on that J. Edgar Hoovesque dossier of unsubstantiated salacious information put up by the Bush’s on President Elect Donald Trump’s dealings with Russia, cold war ploy of “Hey Mister you don’t really want me to leak this story about you and Mrs. so and so, do you?’ fell flat.

The Bush/Clinton/Obama politicized intelligence community leaked the dossier to the FBI and then CNN, and Donald Trump brushed it  of like a fly.

Barack Hussein Obama staying in DC, assembling a “kitchen cabinet” no matter how feeble, has declared himself and them as The Enemy of our Republic, they should be dealt with strongly.

The “Red Files”the FBI has on Mr. Obama and all of his close pals is likely true, and soon the FBI will be an arm of AG Jeff Session’s DOJ.

Stay tuned…


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