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Banning Outdoor Activities, A Disastrous Idea


It is well-known that vitamin D is important for innate immunity and that it boosts your immune function against viral diseases. Growing evidence suggests your vitamin D status may also play an important role in the development of C-19 coronavirus, as well as the severity of the illness

Recent scientific papers have highlighted the role vitamin D may be playing in the C-19 coronavirus chaos, especially in severe cases.

Considering researchers have also shown that SARS-CoV-2 is rapidly inactivated by Sunlight, areas that are banning people from parks and beaches, are committing a grave error.

In fact, it has been nearly impossible to document outdoor transmission of the disease.  This is because 1 factor for catching disease is dependent on the viral load – the amount of exposure which is quickly diluted outdoors and inactivated by Sunlight.

The C-19 coronavirus will follow the usual seasonal patterns we witness with influenza, as higher temperature, humidity, and our time spent outdoors are detrimental for spreading these respiratory infections.

Note: Shut in locked down healthcare facilities are the primary locations spreading the disease.

Vitamin D Protects against Viral Infections

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively, Take a Walk in the Sun

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