Bad Eating Habits Are A Key Cause of Poor Health

Bad Eating Habits Are A Key Cause of Poor Health

Bad Eating Habits Are A Key Cause of Poor Health

Weight gain results from an imbalance of healthy and unhealthy eating habits.

The healthy side

Whole grains, fruits and vegetables, lean protein and plant-based fats.

The unhealthy side

Sugary foods, those high in saturated fats, and packaged and processed foods.

But it is not just the foods that can cause health and weight issues. Unhealthy behaviors play a role, too. That is because they can lead one to take in more calories, often without even realizing it.

A group of researchers in Spain identified Key habits that promote a poor-quality diet. Things like frequenting fast-food restaurants, snacking from vending machines and eating while watching TV.

The researchers also determined that significant weight gain usually is not due to just 1 bad habit, but to a combination.

To learn more, they followed 1,600 people for 4 years, focusing on the effects of seven specific unhealthy habits, such as:

  1. Not planning how much you’re going to eat.
  2. Consuming pre-cooked or canned food.
  3. Buying snacks.
  4. Eating in fast-food restaurants.
  5. Not choosing low-calorie foods.
  6. Not removing visible fat from meat or skin from chicken.
  7. Eating while watching TV or sitting on the sofa.
  8. Drinking too much alcohol 

The more of these unhealthy habits people had, the more likely they were to gain weight, the researchers found.

In particular, 3 habits had the strongest tie to weight gain: not planning the amount of food to eat, eating at fast-food restaurants, and eating while watching TV.

It is not easy to break bad habits, but concentrating and eliminating on those 3 might make a difference in the number on your scale.

Eat healthy, Be healthy, Live lively

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