Backpacking in Mexico: Top Tips for a Great Vacation

Many people want to know if it is safe to backpack in Mexico and the truth is, it is. The country may have its problems but so does every other country in the world. The truth about Mexico is that many parts of the country are very safe and are great places to visit. So, if you’re looking for places to stay in punta mita or you want to head further inland, you should start planning your vacation and booking those reservations.

The Cost of Backpacking in Mexico

Backpacking in Mexico can pretty much be as cheap or as expensive as you need it to be. Cheap accommodation can cost as little as $30 a day, whereas middle of the range accommodation where you’ll have a room to yourself can cost around $60 per day.

– The price of food

When it comes to the cost of food, you can expect to pay very little. This is because food in this part of the world tends to be very cheap. Visit food stalls and Mercados (Covered markets) as meals can cost just $2.

If you would like to enjoy a meal in a restaurant you can expect to pay approximately a 2-3 course meal for around $3 per person. Restaurants that serve meals as cheap as this usually have the words ‘Comida economica’ or ‘Comida corrida’ written on signs outside the building or painted above their doors. Serving traditional Mexican meals, if you’re lucky enough to find a restaurant such as this, grab a meal, trust me, it’ll be delicious.

Where to Visit

Mexico is a wonderful country to visit as it’s full to the brim of beautiful places that you must see. There are many different routes that you can take around the country, but where you begin will ultimately depend on whether you land in Cancun or Mexico City.

– Cancun

While many people stay in an all-inclusive resort in Cancun, there’s a lot more to this area than meets the eye. It’s worth spending a few nights in Cancun as it’s a beautiful place with stunning beaches and great food. There are also a few good tourists spots in this city that may well be worth visiting.

– Tulum

Tulum is home to one of Mexico’s most idyllic beaches. The ruins that seem to spring up out of the water, the turquoise sea and the light coloured sands make the beach a must-visit. However, when it comes to staying in Tulum you may want to find a bed for the night in one of the hostels as they are more backpacker-friendly and nicely priced.

– Merida

Merida is a wonderful town that many people flock to every year. However, temperatures in the town can get as high as 40 degrees Celsius, so you may want to cover up and drink plenty of fluids. The local culture is fascinating as are the local dishes. Head to the beach and hop on a boat and enjoy a few days in this stunning part of Mexico.

Getting Around

Travelling around a country as big as Mexico may seem like a bit of an arduous task but in reality it’s  quite cheap and pretty easy.

– Renting a car

If you plan to rent a car you should be aware that Mexico has a lot of toll roads. If there are 3 or 4 of you travelling around the country then splitting the cost will make things less expensive. However, you may want to travel by bus as it’s quite a bit cheaper.

– Travelling by bus

ADO is one of Mexico’s biggest bus companies and can offer travellers a discount if they book their tickets in advance. Buses are usually very safe to travel on and although the journey can be long and the buses can be slow, they are a great way to see the country. Try to book a few seats on a premium bus as they come with air conditioning and don’t make as many stops as the cheaper buses do.

Staying Safe

While there are a few cities in Mexico that backpacking tourists are advised to stay away from, most parts of the country are perfectly safe. However, it’s always sensible to stay as safe as possible while you’re travelling somewhere new. Try not to look too much like a tourist by holding a map or your phone up in public so people can see that you’re lost. While most locals are friendly there are a select few who may wish to take advantage of your tourist status.

Be sensible, if you’re going somewhere new always have someone with you and stay together. While it’s unlikely that anything will happen to you if you go somewhere by yourself, it always pays to be a little cautious

Mexico is quite a conservative country so women should avoid wearing shorts or short skirts. Linen and cotton trousers are ideal, particularly as they will help you to stay cool. Men should not walk around without a top on, and should instead wear a linen or cotton shirt or t-shirt.

Mexico is a wonderful country, and it is the perfect destination if you love nothing more than a backpacking adventure. With so much to see and do, it’s no wonder that people are grabbing their backpacks and heading off into the sun. Now it’s your turn to enjoy a vacation of a lifetime in beautiful Mexico.

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