Australians too Dumb to Spell Terrorist

Australians too Dumb to Spell Terrorist

Australians too Dumb to Spell Terrorist

While it may not be true for the whole country it certainly is true for the Government, the Police Departments, the Politicians and the Media.

A second obvious terror attack has occurred in Melbourne, again it was an ISIS inspired attack, again the Authorities have denied it was a terrorist related incident.

The Media in Australia are truly pathetic.

In the 1st indecent in January 2017

A man shouting Allah Akbar deliberately drove into pedestrians, killing five and injuring more than 20, in the center of Australia’s second largest city of Melbourne, but police said the incident was not terrorism-related, that is correct, it was not a terrorist act according to the Government, the Police and the Media in Australia.

A witness was interviewed and the witnesses said the man was shouting Allah Akbar, the reporter later deleted the video tweet at the request of Victoria Police, although Channel Seven News broadcast the witness interview.

Yesterdays Incident

A total of 19 people were injured, including the man in the SUV and an off-duty police officer who made the arrest.

A 32-year-old, Saeed Noori, has been arrested and remains under police guard in hospital. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Noori had come to Australia as a refugee.

Police made ISIS excuses for Noori saying he had a history of mental health and drug issues, and made “utterances” last night about “dreams” and how some of his actions were driven by “mistreatment of Muslims” but still they do not equate that to Terrorism. He missed a mental health appointment yesterday.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull response to a question from a journalist about whether yesterday’s events could be classified as a terror attack, his answer was politically correct doublespeak.

“Terrorism is politically motivated violence, that is what it is. At this stage, the police are not satisfied they can describe it as that, although he has made reference to the perceived mistreatment of Muslims, as a justification for his actions.

Now, he has not been formally interviewed yet and there is no known connection between him and is any extremist group. So it may well be that it is ultimately classified as a terrorist act, but we have to wait for a thorough investigation.

That is being handled by the agencies, state and federal, that are working on the issue right now, even as we speak.”

The Effect of the Lies

The net effect of Islamic Terrorists not being called Islamic Terrorism when the public becomes Anti-Muslim and that is what is happening in Australia.

Australian Culture is being dismissed and systematically replaced and the people do not want it, the only voices against the process are those of the Anti-Muslim movement and they are becoming a political force in the country.

If the Australian Media and Authorities told the truth and protected the cultural heritage of the people there would be no Anti-Muslim backlash, but the lies continue.

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