The Australian Settlers Rebellion Alive, Well and Not Racist

The Australian Settlers Rebellion Alive, Well and Not Racist

The Australian Settlers Rebellion Alive, Well and Not Racist

I just had an interview with Neil Erikson, yes Neil Erikson, 31, was one of the founders of UPF who has since left the organization for what he sees as a shift towards neo-Nazism, White Supremacy was part of the culture in Australia, the White Australia Policy didn’t end until 1973, so before any of of you start to dismiss this message you best go check your facts, I don’t have to because I lived it.

Like the rest of the country Neil has grown up since those days and his message is one you need to hear, but before I get to that you are going to have to listen to some cold hard facts from me first.

The type of Islam you are fighting in Australia is the same type of Islam Muslims all over the world are fighting, it is also, for whatever reason the branch of Islam that Obama has thrown his weight and America’s money behind,it is called Sunni Wahhabism and the world is riddled with it, it is the enemy.

The Interview

Tell us About the Australian Settlers Rebellion

The Australian Settler’s Rebellion was created to combat the term (We are all immigrants) Shermon Burgess the other half of this group and myself wanted to educate young Australians that there is a big difference between being an immigrant and being a Settler – An immigrant could have sinister ambitions to undermine this nation, but a Settler wants to help build his/her Nation and follow it’s traditions.

Is the Group a Racist Group?

No, We have many non white supporters, Asian, Aboriginal, Jewish – we have no problem with anyone that loves this Nation and Respects our History and Traditions but we aren’t afraid to call out problems when we see it, African crime/Islamic crime etc

Where is your Political Allegiance in Australia?

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party, Pauline Hanson is Australia’s’ Trump – We call her “AussieTrump”

Australian Politicians seem to Promote Conflicting Ideologies, why is that?

In Australia we have 2 Major Parties (Labor and Liberal) for Americans it’s confusing because our Liberal Party is the Conservative Party and Labor is the Left Wing Party – In the past year the Liberal Party has become more Left Leaning with policies to let more Islamic “Refugees” into our Nation which has been a major Political talking point since the Sydney Siege (Terror Attack), This has opened up heated debates from within their own Party – Now there is a pretty large spot for a real Conservative Party like Pauline Hanson’s One Nation to take some power off the 2 Major Parties.

What Changes would you like to see in Australia?

I would like to see a permanent ban on Islamic immigration, I would like a Government Investigation into Islam and find out wether it is a Religion or a Political Ideology. Also I would like an investigation into the education system of Australia to find out why our young Aussies are being brainwashed to hate themselves and hate their Nation.

There is an exploding crime issue in Australia yet someone had the time to charge you for exercising Free Speech, what happened?

Yes, Melbourne where I live is an extremely Left Wing City unlike the other cities of Australia it spends a lot of it’s Tax money on Social programs under the leadership of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, Andrews has been a vocal critic of myself and the Patriot movement as a whole. In 2015 we discovered a small country town called Bendigo in Victoria were constructing a Mega Mosque along with an Islamic community area, This was Bendigo’s first mosque and upon some investigation we found out that the local council were giving building contracts to their friends and family. We organised 2 major Rallies against the council’s corruption and building of the mosque which made international headlines at the time. While promoting one of the Rallies which 2 thousand locals attended we performed a mock beheading outside the local council dressed as Muslims, with a plastic knife a blow up doll and an Islamic head dress we filmed the act and uploaded to our Facebook Page. Exactly 1 year later I received charges of “Inciting Religious Hatred” under Victoria’s Religious Tolerance Act of 2001, I am looking at a 6 month Prison Sentence if convicted. While all this is happening we have a wave of crime across Victoria by Sudanese Immigrants who are violently carjacking, Stabbing, Raping Melbournians and the Police have no control.

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