Australian Liberty Alliance Push for Smaller Government is What Australia Needs

Australian Liberty Alliance Push for Smaller Government is What Australia Needs

Australian Liberty Alliance Push for Smaller Government is What Australia Needs

“No taxation without representation” is a slogan originating during the 1700s that summarized a primary grievance of the American colonists in the Thirteen Colonies, which was one of the major causes of the American Revolution, and that is exactly how many Australians feel right now.

Australia is overburdened with government, the Public Service is filled with agenda pushing minorities and the average Aussie is buried in taxes and regulation.

Personally I would like to see the Australian Liberty Alliance purge the Public Service of this crusading minorities that use the tiny bit of power they have to advance their cause, not the cause of the taxpayers, collectively they are hurting Australia and shifting the culture.

I am not a big fan of the GST as it is an expensive tax to collect, but the idea of slapping an export tax on Australia’s Minerals would be cheap and easy.

Forcing foreign companies to pay their tax in Australia is also not an easy one, but they could demand they are licensed or their URLs are blocked, that would force the creation of a regional profit centre and taxation would be easier.

If you are in Australia and voting, vote for any except the Liberal of Labor Parties, they are politically correct media whores that will change nothing, if you Vote for the Greens, then you are probably a lost cause already, their cultural marxism has overshadowed any environmental role they pretend to serve.

Here is the direction the Australian Liberty Alliance are taking.

Smarter Smaller Government

In the past decade, government spending has increased beyond the limit of sustainability. We have been inundated with more laws, regulations and intrusive bureaucracy.

We stand for small and delegated government to serve the people of Australia. When elected we will reduce the number of federal ministers to the essential core portfolios, rigorously reduce unproductive overheads and stop wasteful government programs.

Australian Liberty Alliance seeks to create the opportunities for Australians to be proudly self-reliant. We believe that a healthy society creates both the economic environment whereby individuals can pass from cradle to grave without government help and equally helps those in need. We must reduce federal public expenses to the lower 20% bracket of GDP. In 2014 the figure stands at 26%.

We propose the introduction of a secure electronic voting system, fixed four-year terms for federal MPs and fixed eight-year terms for Senators. Arbitrary resignations by an MP or Senator forcing a by-election must have financial consequences for the resigning member or his party.

Broader and Fairer Taxation Means Less Taxes for All

Australia’s tax base is shrinking, while our demand for public services, health care and a myriad of worthy causes grows exponentially. This imbalance has led us into a debt spiral we struggle to contain with the current tax system.

Australian governments were unable to set us on an even keel during the longest economic boom in our history. So what hope is there when the economy goes into recession, public expenditure increases and the tax base shrinks? Public assets that were sold to plug holes in previous budget years cannot be sold again.

Australian Liberty Alliance sees an urgent need to rethink how the Commonwealth and States collect, manage and distribute our taxes. As a short-term measure we are committed to reducing the size of government and cutting down non-essential projects. In the long term we will adhere to three principles when working towards a restructure of the Australian tax system:

i. The tax base must be as broad as possible while tax rates should be kept as low as possible. We prefer lower tax rates on income and profit in return for an increased tax rate on all goods and services.

ii. Foreign companies selling products and services in Australia must pay their fair share where their revenue is generated. The ‘off-shoring’ of profits to reduce tax liabilities in Australia must be stopped.

iii. Taxation compliance costs must come down for businesses and for individuals. Furthermore, tax laws should be simplified. As a result individual Australians will be able to complete their own personal tax returns without professional help.

To stem the wave of small and medium Australian retailers closing down, the GST-free threshold on overseas purchases must urgently be lowered from currently $1,000 to $100.

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