Australia is Helping Farmers and Subsidizing Electricity, But Not in Australia

Australia is Helping Farmers and Subsidizing Electricity, But Not in Australia

Here is what the Australian Government is doing to help people

In 2017, Australia helped:

  • target electricity subsidies to the poorest 40 per cent of households, saving the Government AUD 1.6 billion
  • expand financial services and increase financial inclusion for people not covered by major banks through new financial technology regulation
  • improve Government budgeting, including through the introduction of multi-year budgeting in 87 agencies
  • establish a public-private partnership office in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing to accelerate the delivery of infrastructure to aid the poor
  • increase incomes for 44,000 small farming households

It doesn’t end there, they are making efforts to tackle inequality and maintain social stability, promote tolerance and pluralism, and counter violent extremism.

One would say great work, until you realize none of it was done in Australia or for Australians, it was part of almost half a billion dollars in aid to Indonesia.

Apparently things like Farmers and Electricity costs are important, just not in Australia.

The Australian Government will provide an estimated $316.2 million in total ODA to Indonesia in 2018-19, including an estimated $266.4 million in bilateral funding managed by DFAT.

The Australian Government is supporting Farmers and subsidizing Electricity in many corners of the Globe, free education and health care are also high priorities, for other people.

But back in Australia things are not the same, Electricity prices have skyrocketed, Farmers in different parts of the Country are facing droughts and floods, but they don’t matter in Canberra.

That is about $170 from every Australian, $350 from each taxpayer thereabouts. Plus another $40 per person or $80 per taxpayer for their other general aid programs.

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