Australia for Australians

Australia for Australians

Australia for Australians

While this proposition seems to be an issue in Australian politics I fail to see how the idea is racist any way.

A country’s primary responsibility should be to it’s citizens not every economic or political refugee floating around the planet, the country does not need to be handing out foreign aid and selling out the taxpayers like hotcakes.

How much “International” responsibility are Australian Tax Payers expected to carry? They are already supporting massive payments to immigrants in the country and one of the largest most ineffective governments on the planet. Australian workers pay outrageous amounts in taxes that in a large part gets ripped up in Canberra.

Australia for Australians should be the purpose of every political party in Australia and if it is not, then why is it a political party in the country at all, the same goes for politicians, if they are not for Australian’s then the should fall under the classification of being agents of foreign interest and banned from holding office.

Australian workers and small business people need a break, the fake high minimum wage is simply stolen back by the government and the businesses that have fallen under the governments protection, Banks, Mining and Energy companies are doing no favours for the Aussie worker.

A revolution in political thinking is needed to correct the very core of government in the country.

Public Servants must be reduced dramatically and should held accountable for the actual work they do, they should not be hired and given a pass for non-performance just because they are a member of some minority or special interest group.

Stop funding minority and special interest groups.

Stop foreign aid.

Put a hold on immigration.

Cut taxes.

Ban politicians from representing foreigners or foreign interests.

De-regulate energy and banks allow competition to correct the market.

Put an export duty on unprocessed minerals leaving Australia, that is a resource that will not be replaced.


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