Audi Debuts EV SUV in San Francisco, Amazon Assists

Audi Debuts EV SUV in San Francisco, Amazon Assists

Audi Debuts EV SUV in San Francisco, Amazon Assists


German luxury car brand Audi on Monday staged the global launch of a new all electric SUV (sport utility vehicle) on the home turf of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), and highlighted a deal with Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) to make recharging its forthcoming e-tron models easier.

The Audi e-tron midsize SUV will be offered in the United States next year at a starting price of $75,795 before a $7,500 tax credit.

It is just 1 of EVs coming from Volkswagen AG, as well as other European premium brands including Daimler-owned (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volvo Cars and Jaguar Land Rover.

All aim to expand the market for premium Evs and garner ashare of that market from Palo Alto, California-based Tesla, which has had the niche largely to itself so far.

“I want Audi to be the #1 electric vehicle seller in America over the long term,” Audi of America President Scott Keogh told Reuters in an interview Monday.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who is also head of rocket company SpaceX, planned to mark the e-tron launch occasion by staging a SpaceX event in Los Angeles at roughly the same time Monday evening as Audi’s unveiling.

Audi and parent Volkswagen are using the US launch of the e-tron SUV in mid-2019 to take aim at 1 Key obstacle to expanding electric vehicle sales, e.g. the lack of convenient ways to recharge their batteries.

Audi will partner with online retailer Amazon to sell and install home EV charging systems to buyers of the e-tron, the companies said Monday.

Amazon will deliver the hardware and hire electricians to install them through its Amazon Home Services operation.

“We see charging installation as a very important business,” Pat Bigatel, director of Amazon Home Services, said at Audi’s launch event in San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Center.

The Audi e-tron has been dubbed ‘the Tesla Killer’.

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