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AT&T Communications For Department Of Justice


The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) selected AT&T* to help improve its mission performance with modernized technology. The work – awarded via Task Order through the General Services Administration’s (GSA). Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS). Technology procurement program – is valued at approximately $984 million over 15 years.

Through this award, the DOJ will transition to a different communications platform supporting more than 120,000 employees across more than 2,100 locations. The fully managed solution includes a breadth of networking capabilities. Including IP voice, data, security, cloud access and professional services. This will serve as a catalyst for the DOJ’s long-term technology priorities.

EIS is a federal technology procurement that allows government agencies to cost-effectively modernize and expand mission support. The AT&T solution will provide DOJ the flexibility and protections to meet their requirements. As they aim to strike the right balance between needs to access cloud services from multiple providers and ensuring the access is highly secure.

Additionally, the DOJ solution includes access to the AT&T mobility network. And FirstNet, the nationwide, dedicated communications platform purpose-built for public safety. FirstNet brings public safety a physically separate core network. For enhanced security, priority and preemption, no speed limitations anywhere in the country, and Band 14 spectrum for their dedicated use. These services and AT&T’s global network offer DOJ and its component organizations access to highly secure and reliable connectivity.

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