The Astonishing Ferrari 488 GTB, LTN’s 2016 ‘Car of the Year’

The Astonishing Ferrari 488 GTB, LTN’s 2016 ‘Car of the Year’

The Astonishing Ferrari 488 GTB, LTN’s 2016 ‘Car of the Year’


Ferrari builds 5 types of cars for the Road & Track: F1 racecars, sports cars, GT cars, Supercars, and limited edition HyperSupercars

Of these the most important for Ferrari’s reputation are the sports cars that run on the Road. The only things more important are Ferrari’s F1 racecars, Track Only.

Both Road & Track cars define the Ferrari brand, evoke its iconic history, and cause people to part with hundreds of thousands of dollars for the privilege of being what Ferrari calls its “clienti.”

And among the Road cars, the sports cars are the pinnacle.

Ferrari calls them sports cars, I call them supercars, for good reason as they are Super.

Until Y 2015, Ferrari could claim that its core supercar, the 458 Italia, was the finest car ever made by humans.

Recall Jeremy Clarkson saying, “What a machine!” That after he motored a 458 around the track.

At the time the 458 Italia was the pinnacle achievement of Ferrari’s commitment to the mid-engine, naturally aspirated V8 sports cars.

It began with the 308 in the mid-1970’s, and extended to the 458 in the 2nd decade of the 21st Century.

A Ferrari lover craves individuality, sexiness, speed and most importantly Sound.

The flat-crank V8 produced and otherworldly scream at its Red line, Wild, Brutal, and Pleasing.

The 458 Italia is a sleek, purposeful Supercar.

Now, enter the 488 GTB, a new age in Maranello, Ferrari’s HQ, as the 458 Italia grew into retirement.

Ferrari replaced it with a 661-hp turbocharged V8.

Ferrari had not done turbos in this type of car since the 1980’s with its F40 and some Ferraristi were concerned.

Not I, the car is terrific. Have a listen.

Symbol Last Trade Date Change Open High Low Volume
NYSE:RACE 57.87 Dec-14-2016 0.08 58 58.47 57.83 1,213,200
HeffX-LTN Analysis for RACE: Overall Short Intermediate Long
Bullish (0.34) Bullish (0.34) Bullish (0.42) Bullish (0.25)

Ferrari’s $360,000 488 GTB is our Car of the Year.

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