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Over the past few years it has been noticeable that Asians are slowly becoming a part of Hollywood. This moment has been long overdue, with so much attention being on whether blacks are accepted in America or not, when the truth is, they are apart of America and are involved successfully in all industries. It is now time for Asians to be noticed, understood and embraced.

The movie Crazy Rich Asians was the biggest hit among westerners to get a grasp on the fact that Asians are like everyone else, of course, some holding different values.

Although not all Asains are like how they were presented in the movie and definitely do not all have British accents. The concept of making a movie featuring Asians in a way westerners and Hollywood could relate to was the perfect way to kick off a new era.

Aside from one big hit movie, Asian actors are also involved as main characters in two of the most popular current TV series on Netflix. ‘Riverdale’ and ’13 Reasons Why’.

Charles Melton – Riverdale
Ross Butler – 13 Reasons Why

What about the music industry? Well through BTS and Blackpink being the new top boyband/girl band in the world. Asians are definitely making an impact on the music industry as well as the movie industry. They have even been featured on major American reality shows.

Lastly, “What about modeling?” you say, “when will Asian beauty be embraced”?Well look no further, we all know it’s not easy to become a Victoria’s Secret Angel, and here we are with Sui He. Note, she is not the only Asian VS Angel.

Liu Wen – Xin Xie – One Wang
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