Asia: Gold, Crude Oil, Stocks, Commodities and Currency Pairs

Asia: Gold, Crude Oil, Stocks, Commodities and Currency Pairs

FLASH: Gold Steady, USD Flat, Crude Oil Off, Stocks Cautious


  • Crude Oil pares gains
  • Middle East risks keep stocks in caution mode
  • Gold prices little changed as markets eye Fed outlook

Gold: Gold traded steady Tuesday as traders stayed on the sidelines ahead of a widely expected rate cut by the Fed on Wednesday.

  • Spot gold was little changed at $1,498.80 oz, as of 0535 GMT,
  • US Gold futures were down 0.4% at $1,505.6 oz.

Gold is looking for a catalyst.

Energy: Crude Oil shed some of its big gains Tuesday as the United States flagged the possible release of strategic reserves, but the threat of military action over the attacks on Saudi facilities kept prices elevated and stocks under pressure.

  • ICE Brent Crude Oil fell 0.96% to $68.39 bbl Tuesday,
  • NYMEX WTI Crude Oil futures were down 1.29% to $62.09 bbl. 

President Trump has authorized the release of emergency crude stockpiles if needed, which could ease some upward pressure on Crude Oil futures.

Equities: MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific shares sans Japan was down 0.66%. Chinese shares fell 1.07%, while Hong Kong shares off 1.18%.

Euro Stoxx 50 futures were down 0.11%, German DAX futures were down 0.02%, while FTSE futures fell 0.31%.

There is a risk-off tone, 

Commodities & Currency Pairs (quotes)

Gold Spot »1,495.91USD-1.99-0.13%Dec 022:08AM EDT
COMEX 100oz Gold »1,497.90USD-5.20-0.35%Sep 198:08PM EDT
Silver Spot »17.81USD-0.04-0.24%Dec 022:08AM EDT
Platinum Spot »934.98USD-1.86-0.20%Dec 022:08AM EDT
Palladium Spot »1,603.70USD-0.88-0.05%Dec 022:08AM EDT
COMEX Copper »2.62USD-0.00-0.17%Sep 1910:51PM EDT
NYMEX Crude Oil »62.38USD-0.52-0.83%Sep 192:12AM EDT
ICE Brent Crude »68.82USD-0.20-0.29%Sep 192:12AM EDT
NYMEX RBOB Gasoline »1.75USD-0.00-0.28%Sep 192:12AM EDT
Dubai Crude Spot »67.04USD+0.52+0.78%Dec 022:22AM EDT
ICE Gas Oil »645.00USD+7.75+1.20%Oct 192:13AM EDT
NYMEX No2 Heating Oil »2.09USD+0.00+0.11%Sep 192:11AM EDT
NYMEX Nat Gas »2.68USD-0.00-0.11%Sep 192:13AM EDT
ICE NBP Nat Gas »39.69GBP+0.000.00%Sep 1911:59AM EDT
CBOT Corn »372.75USC-1.25-0.34%Dec 192:13AM EDT
CBOT Wheat »485.75USC-3.00-0.62%Dec 192:13AM EDT
KCBT Wheat »407.75USC-1.25-0.31%Dec 192:09AM EDT
MGE Spring Wheat »564.00USC-1.25-0.22%Dec 021:00AM EDT
Euronext Milling Wheat »171.75EUR+0.000.00%Dec 1912:29PM EDT
CBOT Soybean »898.50USC-1.50-0.17%Nov 192:12AM EDT
USD »1.0000.0000.00%
EUR »0.9083-0.0005-0.06%2:20AM EDT
JPY »108.20000.0800+0.07%2:20AM EDT
GBP »0.80590.0015+0.19%2:23AM EDT
CHF »0.9918-0.0007-0.07%2:19AM EDT
AUD »1.46310.0069+0.47%2:19AM EDT
CAD »1.32540.0019+0.14%2:19AM EDT
CNY »7.08900.0231+0.33%2:19AM EDT
HKD »7.82200.0033+0.04%2:19AM EDT
MXN »19.45230.0123+0.06%2:19AM EDT
RUB »63.9794-0.0036-0.01%2:19AM EDT
SEK »9.65900.0032+0.03%2:19AM EDT

Stay tuned…

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