Asia: Gold, Crude Oil, Stocks, Commodities and Currency Pairs

Asia: Gold, Crude Oil, Stocks, Commodities and Currency Pairs


FLASH: Gold Off, USD Flat, Crude Oil Spikes, Stocks Off


  • Crude Oil spikes after Saudi facility attacks, weak China data hits shares
  • President Trump said the US is “locked & loaded” for a potential response to the attack on Saudi Arabia’s Crude Oil production facilities
  • Gold rallies as Saudi Attack may bring on wider conflict

Gold: Gold and silver rallied after a strike against Saudi Oil facilities raised the possibility of retaliatory US military action in the Middle East, with investors seeking haven assets at the start of this week.

Bullion jumped more than 1.5% as investors gauged the ramifications from the assault against the world’s biggest crude-processing facility in Abqaiq and the Kingdom’s 2nd-biggest oil field in Khurais.

Spot bullion climbed as much as 1.6% to $1,512.14 oz, and was at $1,503.88 at 6:59a in London, while silver advanced as much as 3.2% to $17.9938 oz.

Energy: Crude Oil prices spiked Monday, with Brent Crude Oil posting its biggest intra-day percentage gainer since the Gulf War in Y 1991, after an attack on Saudi Arabian facilities Saturday shut about 5% of global supply.

  • ICE Brent Crude Oil futures rose by as much as 19.5% at $71.95 bbl. The front-month contract was at $66.28 bbl, up $6.06, or 10.1%, from its previous close, by 0449 GMT,
  • NYMEX WTI Crude Oil futures climbed by as much as 15.5% at $63.34 bbl, the biggest intra-day percentage gainer since 22 June 1998. The front-month contract was at $59.77 bbl, + $4.92, or 9%, at 0449 GMT.

Equities: MSCI’s broadest index of Asia-Pacific sans outside Japan slipped 0.36% after data showed China’s industrial production growth skidding to its weakest pace in 17.5 years in August.

China’s statistics bureau said the country faces increasing downward pressure from external uncertainties aka The Trump Tariffs

China’s blue-chip index -0.2% while Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index is off about 1%.

Liquidity was relatively thin with Japanese markets shut for a public holiday.

E-Mini futures for the S&P 500 were off 0.5%, while those for the DJIA fell 0.4%.

Commodities and Currency Pairs Quotes

Gold Spot »1,503.06USD+14.61+0.97%Dec 021:48AM EDT
COMEX 100oz Gold »1,506.80USD+15.90+1.06%Sep 1912:00AM EDT
Silver Spot »17.83USD+0.41+2.27%Dec 021:48AM EDT
Platinum Spot »952.88USD+4.72+0.50%Dec 021:48AM EDT
Palladium Spot »1,608.40USD+1.90+0.12%Dec 021:48AM EDT
COMEX Copper »2.65USD-0.03-1.07%Sep 1910:22PM EDT
NYMEX Crude Oil »60.08USD+5.23+8.71%Sep 191:47AM EDT
ICE Brent Crude »66.69USD+6.47+9.70%Sep 191:47AM EDT
NYMEX RBOB Gasoline »1.70USD+0.14+8.50%Sep 191:46AM EDT
Dubai Crude Spot »64.01USD+5.70+8.90%Dec 021:58AM EDT
ICE Gas Oil »626.50USD+49.50+7.90%Oct 191:46AM EDT
NYMEX No2 Heating Oil »2.03USD+0.15+7.41%Sep 191:46AM EDT
NYMEX Nat Gas »2.65USD+0.04+1.54%Sep 191:47AM EDT
ICE NBP Nat Gas »38.15GBP+0.000.00%Sep 197:00PM EDT
CBOT Corn »370.75USC+2.00+0.54%Dec 191:43AM EDT
CBOT Wheat »484.75USC+1.25+0.26%Dec 191:45AM EDT
KCBT Wheat »400.00USC+0.25+0.06%Dec 191:38AM EDT
MGE Spring Wheat »564.00USC-1.25-0.22%Dec 021:00AM EDT
Euronext Milling Wheat »170.25EUR+0.000.00%Dec 1912:29PM EDT
CBOT Soybean »897.75USC-1.00-0.11%Nov 191:48AM EDT
USD »1.0000.0000.00%
EUR »0.90330.0005+0.06%1:49AM EDT
JPY »107.8400-0.2300-0.21%1:50AM EDT
GBP »0.80200.0026+0.33%1:56AM EDT
CHF »0.9886-0.0016-0.16%1:49AM EDT
AUD »1.45430.0000+0.00%1:50AM EDT
CAD »1.3234-0.0049-0.37%1:49AM EDT
CNY »7.0683-0.0071-0.10%1:50AM EDT
HKD »7.82330.0031+0.04%1:49AM EDT
MXN »19.42730.0290+0.15%1:49AM EDT
RUB »63.8243-0.5032-0.78%1:49AM EDT
SEK »9.61530.0078+0.08%1:49AM EDT

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