As Market Corrects, Huge Opportunities Come to Light

As Market Corrects, Huge Opportunities Come to Light

As Market Corrects, Huge Opportunities Come to Light


This Bull market correction is/will yield huge opportunities for savvy and patient participants.

If you have to put money to work in the market now, we suggest you go into the defensive names in healthcare, consumer staples and utilities

In tech 1 will have a strong risk tolerance knowing that the cloud is not going away, and cybersecurity is not going away, this sell off in the tech names shall pass, and those names wil start to march North again.

And know that this correction can reverse on a news headline like the Fed indicating it will hike fewer than 4X between now and Y 2020 and the US-China trade tensions ease, thus a stronger turnaround could happen very soon based on what is in the air.

There are trillions in cash on the sidelines, the opportunities will come, they always do.

I reported Tuesday, the rejection of economic speculation the sliding stock market is signaling an oncoming recession, by White House chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow. He called the talk “nonsense” and added “recession is so far in the distance I cannot see it.”

“We are  clicking on all cylinders, and in comes the rising, let’s not forget, in comes the rising,” Mr. Kudlow said offering a more favorable report than other media amid stock market declines.

“. . . This is going to be the best business investment cycle we will have in 20 years. We haven’t had one. I am going to be totally nonpartisan here, Dems, Republicans, really since the late ’90’s, I think now it is resuming. That is a Key part of our planning and our own incentives.”

In a note to clients Goldman Sachs recommended going to cash, that is a strategic recommendation.

Despite what has been a pretty good earnings season, people are looking ahead to next year and are cautious.

Over the past 6 weeks it has been sell 1st, ask questions later.

Stay tuned…

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