Arctic Blast: Over 270 Daily Temperature Records Fall in US

Arctic Blast: Over 270 Daily Temperature Records Fall in US

Parts of the United States continued to be hit with a record-shattering Arctic blast Wednesday.

The Weather Channel reported over 270 daily cold records have been set since Veterans Day as cold enveloped much of the Plains, Midwest, South, and East. At 1 point on Tuesday, more than 200-M people faced a freezing forecast.

According to The Weather Channel, Indianapolis set a daily record low just after Midnight as temperatures dropped to single digits.

St. Louis (11 degrees) Cincinnati (10 degrees), Pittsburgh (12 degrees), Baltimore (22 degrees), and Philadelphia (24 degrees), set or tied daily lows on Wednesday morning.

Houston, New Orleans, and Panama City, Florida, were among cities recording freezing temperatures. And single-digit temperatures were felt as far south as Tennessee on Wednesday morning.

Tuesday, thousands of flights had been canceled or delayed as some areas struggled under more than a foot of snow.

Empire, Michigan, reported 30 ins of snow.

But The Weather Channel said parts of the Rockies and High Plains were already starting to see some relief from the cold. High temperatures Tuesday climbed into the 60s in Denver.

And from Friday to early next week, highs in the 60s should become widespread in the Plains from South Dakota to Texas and Oklahoma, The Weather Channel reported. The Midwest should see temperatures in the 30s and 40s for highs.

A cold front will sweep into the Northeast on late Friday, it is not expected to drop temperatures to record levels in most parts.

Stay warm and safe

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