Archer’s President, Michael Selsman, Discovers Extraordinary Writer-Director From Australia

Archer’s President, Michael Selsman, Discovers Extraordinary Writer-Director From Australia


Michael Selsman, President of Archer Entertainment Media Communications (OTC:AEMC) has uncovered a 28-year old Australian Writer-Director, Brandon Lee. Lee, who is from Sydney, is now in Hollywood, where he has written three independent film screenplays in production: The Blue Fernanda, Phantoms of Peru and The Recruit.

Mr. Selsman, who was formerly a personal manager, has re-activated his management company especially for Lee, who has signed a 3-year contract. Brandon is currently re-writing Selsman’s original comedy screenplay, Getting Even with Steven.

Additionally, Brandon is writing an untitled psychological horror for Chhibber Mann productions, to be distributed by Blue Fox Entertainment, and has been working on the US adaptation of the Indian box office smash, Bhaagamathi, to be produced by Driven Equation and Bollywood giant, UV Creations. Lee has already written several award winning shorts such as That Girl, Plastik and the internationally syndicated The Scorpion’s Tale, before transitioning to feature films. Getting Even with Steven is one of five films that AMEC has committed to.  

We’ve decided once again on producing entertainment, only this time we’re taking into account digital short films for cell phones even as we make films for theaters and television. Where possible, we’re producing series – TV and movies, subjects that can’t be told in one episode, “ Mr. Selsman said.

“Among our plans, we aim address the subject of families without fathers, boys absent dads, and the societal problems that arise from that into adulthood. We are reviewing screenplays on the subject, along with a TV pilot script by a well-known writer. Some of our ideas are, a scientist who stumbles onto the genetic cause of violence, and does something about it. Another, is to explore young love, a G-rated movie about how to treat one another when immature – a most important highlight. Another is a comedy about why people, who should know better, get divorced, and how they survive.”

“The time to re-invigorate Archer Entertainment is here.”

Stay tuned…

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