Archer’s (OTC:AEMC) Michael Selsman: “Good screenplays never go out of fashion…”

Archer’s (OTC:AEMC) Michael Selsman: “Good screenplays never go out of fashion…”


Wonderfilm Announces $50-M in Production Funds in talks with Archer Entertainment to Produce Films & TV Programs

The Wonderfilm Media Corporation (WDRFF), a producer of high-quality feature films and episodic television with international appeal has announced an $50-M asset-backed debt facility designed to escalate the pace of the Company’s revenue and increase overall production efficiency.

Wonderfilm is in talks to form an alliance with Archer Entertainment Media Communications, a publicly traded Corporation (AEMC) with HQ offices in Singapore to produce international films with wide audience appeal.

Wonderfilm continues its planed growth phase with Archer Entertainment, with access to funds that will greatly streamline our ability to deliver content to streaming services, theatres and broadcasters around the world. The projected tie-up with Archer greatly magnifies both Wonder and our access to debt and equity production funds. The arrangement streamlines this procedure, allowing us to schedule film shoots on our terms and on our timetable. The funds provide both companies strong strategic advantage in the independent film market,” says Michael Selsman, President of Archer Entertainment.

Archer Entertainment would provide Wonderfilm the immediate advantage of accelerated production and scheduling of production and delivery of its combined film and television slate, and the potential of rapid revenue-generation and production by cash flowing all pre-sale movie contracts, as well as financing of various levels of government tax credits and tax incentives.

Wonderfilm’s main business is the production of high-quality feature films & episodic television. Global Content Creation leaders – The Wonderfilm Team – has packaged, produced and delivered hundreds of profitable films with proven direct access to Academy Award Quality films and upside.

The company’s latest offering is the action feature film, Primal, starring Nicolas Cage, premieres in US theaters November 8th.

In Primal, Nicolas Cage’s character, Frank Walsh, is a wild animal capture expert shepherding a freighter loaded with deadly animals from the Amazon jungle to zoos in the United States. Onboard is a political assassin being secretly extradited stateside to face trial. At Sea, the assassin kills his guards and then releases the deadly animal cargo throwing the ship, crew and passengers into a life and death melee. As hunter becomes hunted, Nicolas Cage’s character must silence both the prowling beasts including a ferocious White Jaguar, and the equally dangerous human executioner hell-bent on killing everyone onboard to make good his escape.

Daniel Grodnik, the film’s producer said in an interview, that, “Good scripts never go out of fashion. I first optioned the script that would become Primal in 1995 so it actually took 23 years to get it into production. Primal is a great, original adventure story that has an unrelenting core of man against beast and man against man. Pairing the 2 themes together is what makes it a standout story for the screen.”

Archer’s Michael Selsman whole heartily agrees with Mr. Grodnik, we have a slate of them readying for production.

Wonderfilm’s CEO, Kirk Shaw: “Originally, Primal had been scheduled to shoot in the fall of 2017; however, hurricane Maria wiped out Puerto Rico’s film industry along with much of the island’s infrastructure. Rather than move the shoot, Daniel Grodnik, one of Wonderfilm’s founding partners and star Nicolas Cage demonstrated their tenacity by standing by a commitment to bring Primal and its related jobs and investment back to the island as soon as the infrastructure was ready in 2018. The release of this film truly is a testament to the skill of the island’s talent, technicians and artisans who were eager to put the hurricane behind them by proving their industry was up to the challenge.”

Directed by Nick Powell, produced by Wonderfilm’s Daniel Grodnik, as well as, Kirk Shaw, Jeff Bowler and Bret Saxon from Wonderfilm. In addition to Nicolas Cage, Primal stars Famke Janssen and Kevin Durand. 

Primal is the Company’s 2nd US theatrical release this year from Daniel Grodnik, following the August premiere of John Travolta in The Fanatic.

Wonderfilm and Grodnik are developing the feature Disturbing The Peace starring Guy Pearce expected to be released next year.

Earlier in 2019, Wonderfilm had also added a new Partner, Shaun Redick (Get Out, BlacKkKlansman) who is developing a slate of features for theatrical release. With its very strong development team, the Company expects to release several high-profile movies directly into US theaters in 2020

For more information, visit the company’s website at

Archer Entertainment Media Communications Incorporated is a vertically integrated global entertainment and media company engaged in the production, delivery, distribution and exhibition of digital content through various platforms including Internet, IPTV, Satellite to PC TV, Video-on-Demand (VOD) and Pay-Per-View (PPV). Archer has created a digital infrastructure leveraging existing Internet assets and external resources providing a secure, complete, end-to-end digital solution exclusively focusing its interests in Southeast Asia and the United States.

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