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Archdiocese of New York Bells Toll to Mourn Lost Souls

Archdiocese of New York Bells Toll to Mourn Lost Souls

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The Archdiocese of New York announces that on Wednesday, December 30, 2020 at 12pm all of the churches throughout the archdiocese, including St. Patrick’s Cathedral, will join together in ringing their bells to remember and honor the 322,000 lives lost to COVID-19 this year in the United States. 

The ringing of the bells is as much a statement of faith as it is a show of solidarity with our neighbors and fellow Americans who have faced unimaginable losses as a result of the pandemic. It is our hope that once publicized other institutions, churches and people will join us next Wednesday, December 30 at noon in this public acknowledgement of the sanctity of the lives lost to COVID-19 by ringing their own bells. 

Our country has not witnessed a daily death toll on this scale in its recent history and, as the year draws to a close, there is a pronounced need to publicly acknowledge the devastating loss of life that the year brought with it, especially here in New York during the months of March, April, and May. The Church is uniquely called to bring communities together to honor the dead and to offer a space for mourning, in order that the restoration that is sure to follow, in the Name of Christ, whom we honor this Christmas, may too begin. 

Traditionally, the ringing of church bells has been a call and a signal to the community that a moment of solemnity is taking place. Most often these occasions are gatherings for prayer, funerals, or weddings. Next Wednesday, December 30 at 12pm, the bells will toll from Staten Island to Ulster County to mourn the souls lost, to comfort the families and friends who grieve, and to move forward, together, in the hope of the blessings that await us in 2021.