Archaeologists Discovered an Ancient City in Modern-day Greece

Archaeologists Discovered an Ancient City in Modern-day Greece

Archaeologists Discovered an Ancient City in Modern-day Greece

An international team of archaeologists has discovered an ancient city in modern-day Greece that dates back to about 2,500 years.

A press release details the team’s findings, which includes ruins scattered on and around a hill in central Greece about 5 hours north of Athens.

“What used to be considered remains of some irrelevant settlement on a hill can now be upgraded to remains of a city of higher significance than previously thought, and this after only one season,” PhD student Robin Rönnlund said in the release.

“A colleague and I came across the site in connection with another project last year, and we realized the great potential right away. The fact that nobody has never explored the hill before is a mystery.”

The ancient settlement is on the Strongilovoúni Hill, located on the Thessalian plains of Greece. Archaeologists are using ground-penetrating radar to map out what’s left of the ancient city below the surface.

“We found a town square and a street grid that indicate that we are dealing with quite a large city,” Mr. Rönnlund said.

Pottery and coins have been discovered, the oldest of which date back to roughly 500 BC.

Earlier this year, another archaeologist said he believes he’s discovered the tomb of Greek philosopher Aristotle in the ancient Greek village of Stagira.

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