Antwerp Diamond Sale Features 709 Carat Stone

Antwerp Diamond Sale Features 709 Carat Stone

Antwerp Diamond Sale Features 709 Carat Stone

Media in Sierra Leone report that a 709-carat diamond found in the country’s eastern Kono District has been taken by a sales team from the National Minerals Agency to Antwerp, Belgium.

The diamond’s discovery in March caused a sensation and is the 2nd-largest ever found in this West African nation.

The gem stome, a bit smaller than a hockey puck, is among the 20 largest diamonds ever found.

The sales team, including Pastor Emmanuel Momoh who dug up the stone, arrived in Belgium Monday and will meet sales agents, auction houses and potential buyers.

The highest bid of $7.7-M was turned down in Freetown in May.

No other bidders met the government’s undisclosed reserve price, so the diamond will now be sold by international tender in Antwerp, Belgium.

Proceeds from the auction of a 709.41-carat diamond found by a local pastor early this year in Sierra Leone will go to fund development projects in the community where it was found, the group managing the sale said on Tuesday.

International diamond trading network Rapaport Group will auction the stone named “Peace Diamond” for free in New York in December, it said in a news conference streamed online.

The idea is to inspire others traders to benefit the countries from which the stones come.

Stay tuned…

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