Another Former US Intel ‘Boss’ Runs for Cover

Another Former US Intel ‘Boss’ Runs for Cover

Another Former US Intel ‘Boss’ Runs for Cover

Former CIA Director Michael Hayden, 73 anni, is now calling President Donald Trump a liar and says his repeated slights on the intelligence community have taken a large toll.

So, Saturday we learned that another Lie Master had found himself in President Trump’s sights and is running for cover in the press.

“We in the intelligence world have dealt with obstinate and argumentative presidents through the years. But we have never served a president for whom ground truth really doesn’t matter,” says General Hayden, who directed Intelligence under the last 3 Presidents, Clinton (42) Bush (43) and Hussein Obama (44). All of which have led our nation to the brink…

Intelligence work, according to Gen. Hayden (USAF 4-Star General, ret.), is based on “gathering, evaluating and evaluating information, and then disseminating conclusions for use, study or refutation.”

That is a polished up glory definition, GHWB (41) said privately to Barbara, “If the people knew what we really do they would lynch us.”

President Trump, though, reflects and exploits “post-truth” thinking, “a condition where facts are less influential in shaping opinion than emotion and personal belief,” wrote Gen. Hayden in his defense.

“The President only recently and grudgingly agreed to impose sanctions on Russians believed to have interfered in the American election, and he continues to characterize the investigation as a ‘witch hunt’ while relentlessly attacking agencies of his own administration,” wrote Gen. Hayden, trying to explain away the acts of Mr. Hussein Obama-Bush era Bush Intel operatives.

The Trump Campaign has also “normalized lying to an unprecedented degree,” and the president is more committed to carrying out campaign promises than listening to his intelligence officers, he said.

“These are truly uncharted waters for the country,” Gen. Hayden writes. “We have in the past argued over the values to be applied to objective reality, or occasionally over what constituted objective reality, but never the existence or relevance of objective reality itself.”

Gen. Hayden is writing to set up cover for his and the others aligned with Mr. Hussein Obama overt acts to destroy our nation via globalization.

They are all living a Horror not contemplated, ever, just look at their public faces, they are scared.

The Bush Dynasty has been smashed, their legacy shredded.


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