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Animal Companions Help People Overcome Anxiety, if You Cannot Keep a Pet, Try Bibliotherapy


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Keeping a pet at home can really help to overcome anxiety in this virus chaos”— Paul Ebeling

Animal companions have a proven positive effect on mental health and can be a way to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Keeping a dog, cat, bird or frog can help improve heart rate and blood pressure, while also reducing anxiety and risk of depression.

So, get a dog or a cat, if you can, as these types of pets seem to offer a lot of mental and emotional benefits. You might also consider interacting with animals at a shelter as a volunteer.

Also, reading books about anxiety or works that cover related topics can be helpful. This is known as bibliotherapy* and can include just reading or reading plus discussion.

And, reading self-help books can help you discover new solutions and insights related to your situation.

So, read materials that are relevant to your situation.

Reading about depression and anxiety and the different strategies to overcome them can be helpful to reduce both. Even reading or watching fiction about the topic can be beneficial because it can provide new insights into your situation.

*Bibliotherapy is the use of selected reading materials as therapeutic adjuvants in medicine and in psychiatry also, guidance in the solution of personal problems through directed reading.

Have a healthy weekend, Keep the Faith!

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