Angela Merkel’s Policies Exposed Germany to ISIS Terrorism

Angela Merkel’s Policies Exposed Germany to ISIS Terrorism

Angela Merkel’s Policies Exposed Germany to ISIS Terrorism

US President Elect Donald Trump Tweeted today there were terror attacks in Turkey, Switzerland and Germany, and it is only getting worse. The civilized world must change thinking!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s welcoming policy on Syrian refugees “exposed” Germany to terror attacks like Monday’s which killed 8 and injured 48, former US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton said Tuesday.

“By her unilateral action by allowing this wave of refugees to come into Europe, she definitely exposed Germany, and others, to the risk of terrorism,” Amb. Bolton said in a TV interview.

President Elect Donald Trump referenced the danger of Merkel’s immigration policies in Germany during his campaign and 2x’d down on his views in a tweet after Monday’s attack, too.

Amb. Bolton is not alone in his denouncement of Ms. Merkel’s policies on immigration.

Beatrix von Storch, vice chair for the German party Alternatives fuer Deutschland party, told Radio 4’s The World at One: “It is not possible to let in so many refugees and as far we know the terrorist was one of them.”

“We always said the risk is rising, and we cannot handle the risk any more,” she added. “The policy of Angela Merkel and the way she’s addressing the immigration crisis is responsible for what is happening.”

Amb. Bolton remains in the running to be deputy Secretary of State in the Trump Administration.

The immigration issue continues to be important issue in the US in light of the recent deadly truck attack in Berlin for which ISIS claimed responsibility. Germany’s Angela Merkel has a policy that is somwhat aligned with that of Barack Hussein Obama’s “to open up those floodgates” to refugees without deep vetting.

Stay tuned.

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