Ancient Kazakh Gold Treasure Discovered in Northeastern Kazakhstan 

Ancient Kazakh Gold Treasure Discovered in Northeastern Kazakhstan 

The treasure, found at the ‘Yeleke Sazy’ burial site, likely belonged to a noble family of the Saka people who ruled throughout Central Asia 2,800 years ago and were a nomadic sub-group of the great Scythian people.

According to the  local media, the research team led by historian Zeinolla Samashev were extremely impressed by the level of technological development in Gold jewelry production that the treasure pieces represent andshowcase.

The burial items (pictured above) that accompanied 2 bodies included bell-shaped earrings, Gold plates, chains, necklaces with precious stones, exquisitely crafted animals and Golden beads that were used to decorate the elaborate clothing of the Saka noble people.

The Saka were a nomadic people who spoke an Iranian language and were a sub-group of the great Scythian group who dominated the Eurasian Step for centuries. The Saka core area was in Central Asia and from here they expanded into Iran, India and Central Asia. They were renowned for their horsemanship and their metal work.  The Saka were 1st recorded in the 9 th Century BC and were a major military power.  But, they faded from the pages of history over time, but archaeologists have been rediscovering their culture and history in the 20th Century

The archaeologists continue to excavate the region because they presume there are close to 200 burial mounds on the Eleke Sazy plateau.

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